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    windows 8.1 and handwritting keyboard option

    hi! some weeks ago i updated my surface to windows 8.1 and a just realized that i can't use the handwriting keyboard option anymore. i already had it installed before and i used it for a whole year, until my update to windows 8.1. can anyone tell me how to put it back on? or how to solve this?
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    Having problems uninstalling some progams

    Hi! recently I discovered that some programs that i installed before and then uninstalled (with "control panel") left some leftover files on my surface. I can see the files when entering to the Applicaton list in right bar/ search. Actually one has the "uninstall" button and I tried clicking...
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    surface pro + Adobe Master Collection CS6=?

    Hi! Well I was wondering if anyone knows (for sure) if installing Adobe Master Collection to the Surface Pro would result a problem. Sth like slowing down the device or not working apropietly. I know for sure the thing that the touch sensitivity to sketch doesn't work, but I'm more worried...

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