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    SP4 i5 vs. SP5 m3 (both 4GB)

    I if I was simply using it at home for Web browsing and videos then 4GB would probably be enough. But since I'm also planning to use it for work, then the 8GB sounds like minimum, esp if I want it to last a few years. Thanks for the guidance!
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    SP4 i5 vs. SP5 m3 (both 4GB)

    Yes price is a big consideration here. I'm guessing you feel it's not any of the individual apps that will cause issues with 4GB only but the fact that I'm using them together?
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    SP4 i5 vs. SP5 m3 (both 4GB)

    Hi all I've been eyeing the Surface Pro for a while and decided to wait for SP5 to come out before making a decision. At present, I can get the SP4 i5/4GB and the SP5 m3/4GB for roughly the same price and I'm looking for guidance on which is the better buy. I'm specifically interested in...

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