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    Windows 10 issues with drivers.

    Has anyone else had problems with windows 10 and drivers, my printer drivers won't work , on either printer. Ones really old and one is a year or two. I've googled it and there seems to be a big issue with all sorts of devices not working.
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    Connecting arc mouse

    That's what it looks like yes.
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    Connecting arc mouse

    Mine doesn't have the button underneath but the previous owner insists that there wasn't a dongle ??? Everything I see goes towards what you said though. The guy sounded genuine too,
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    Connecting arc mouse

    Anyone had similar problem
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    Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 update now 'Undoing changes made to your computer'

    Did you have any luck with this , I've just bought a pro3 and any information is key.
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    Connecting arc mouse

    I've literally just received this pro3, I've owned a pro1 till now This pro3 came with docking station and arc mouse. The acr mouse has no bluetooth button, and surface doesnt detect the mouse, research shows I need a usb dongle with it but the person who sold it to me assured me there was no...
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    Newbe here

    Just saying hi to everyone, had a pro1 for a year and now just spent out on a pro3. Plus docking station, hoping to use this one to is full potential

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