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    What Phone are you pairing with your SP3?

    Go grab one of the cheapies to play around with. :)
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    PLEASE- post your serial numbers here!

    Both from the AU Microsoft Store. Lot 1432 was received on release day. Had no functionality issues, but a cosmetic issue, as the kickstand had a slight bow on the mid-left side that meant it didn't sit completely flush when closed. Since Australia has no Advanced Exchange support, I purchased...
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    PLEASE- post your serial numbers here!

    Model: i7-256 S/N: 0390414 43 XXX Lot: 1436 Country: AU Model: i7-256 S/N: 0287873 43 XXX Lot: 1432 Country: AU
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    Poll Yellow streak poll (Model + Lot #)

    i7 256GB, Lot #1432. I don't see anything.
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    Internet browser

    You need to set IE as your default browser in order to use it as a Modern UI App. This is the touch IE browser. To answer your initial question, I use Modern IE exclusively when not connecting another monitor. When connecting an additional monitor and a mouse, I use both Modern IE (on Surface)...
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    OFFICIAL I pre-ordered my Surface Pro 3

    I just pre-ordered the i7/8GB/256GB with a red type cover and an additional pen from the Microsoft Store.
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    Stop using Microsoft's IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

    There's a bug fix in Windows Update. Edit: Soz, not true, got mixed up. See other people's posts below for clarification.
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    SPro Accessories

    Thanks for the intel on the accessories, mate. I was already set on grabbing the wireless keyboard attachment, as I've found I actually prefer using the type cover keyboards over standard keyboards, and now I'm doubly set. Probably gonna grab the docking station too. The arc mouse sounds...
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    Got my Type Cover 2...

    I like it! An improvement over the original. I particularly like the new material for the touchpad and surrounds. Any first generation RT or Pro users grab one?
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    WiFi chip on the SP2?

    Thanks for these. Side note for every one new to the Surface, the only time I've ever had wireless issues was when on battery. This was remedied by ensuring that in my advanced power settings, for whichever power plan I'm using, that the wireless adapter settings were set for Maximum...
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    Question about extended monitor scaling in 8.1

    This article may be of use to you. Windows 8.1 and high-PPI displays: Better, but still lacking | Ars Technica
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    Check your Windows Store for 8.1

    Hi. I had the same issue. I rebooted the SP and that fixed the problem. I opened the Store and it said "Installing Windows 8.1 Pro..." in the top right corner. It's downloading as I type. So, give rebooting a shot.
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    Wavy lines on extended monitor (weird)...

    Good to know! Might see if there's something like that on my monitor. Cheers.
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    Wavy lines on extended monitor (weird)...

    This only usually happens to me when I give the VGA connector an accidental hit, and even then, not all the time. I found a disconnect/reconnect or a reboot fixed it. I have no idea what's going with the wavy lines upon connection. Faulty cable, maybe?
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    Start button not working

    Hi. I just tested this out on my Pro, running 8.1, both the Start button and volume rocker continue to work with either the touch or type cover attached backwards. Don't know if it's a length of time attached thing and will eventually stop working, but FYI. :)

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