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    hdmi out for SP2

    Hi guys sorry to bother yous , lol. I'm stuck figuring out why my local best Buy doesn't carry hdmi cable adapter for the surface pro 2 only has it for rt models. my questions is can I use the surface pro 1 hdmi out adapter on the Surface pro 2? And will it have audio? and can I use other...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Crysis 3 Dead Space DMC: Devil May Cry Super Street Fighter IV AE...
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    Surface Pro 2 Playing DMC with gestureworks

    sorry for the shake, I'll need a tripod if i'm going to do these videos lol. everything is on default settings with hd texture enable.
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    Any Risks Updating to Intel 4400 Drivers?

    I've Updated So Far I'm Loving it, But Is There Risks of Updating to Intel's Graphic Drivers? Has Anyone ran into problems? Will it kill my Surface Pro 2? Will it shorten the life of the pro? I ran Crysis 3 and the Fan went on, louder then usual, is it normal? Sorry i'm just ask these...
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    Surface pro 2 playing crysis 3 and SFIV

    For crysis 3 I had to update the intel hd 4400 drivers to get the intel graphics control panel to change to scale to fullscreen. So the settings right now is 13xx X 7xx resolution on low textures all features on low and off.
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    Intel HD 4400 drivers reversible?

    Hey guys I was wondering if upgrading to the new drivers (not made for SP2, from the intel website) is reversible, for example SP2 decide to add Intel HD graphics control panel to it's own update, and just incase I wanted to update to that one will there be any problems? I just herd it's not...
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    DEAD SPACE on SP2 with Touch screen controls

    Playing using Gestureworks Gameplay , oh I forgot to make the buttons more opaque, transparent.
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    Here's all you have been waiting CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS on SP2

    enjoy, note everything is on window mode not fullscreen, cuz fullscreen is LAGGY as hell, and setting is all low and mostly on Off tobe playable.
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    gestureworks gameplay on SP2 perfect virtual gamepad

    It's release and is great on pc games it's a virtual gamepad that you custom dpad, analog, and buttons it's call gestureworks game play, is great on the SP2 if you don't want drag along a xbox360 control, Games has tobe using direct x 9c and above, Games I'm using on and works are Bio...
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    gaming with 256gb SP2 model low mem

    The problem is when I play dead space I'll get a pop window saying I have low memory And will lose memory if I don't close it, I have 8 gb of ram and 122gb of ssd left, is it my Sp2 or is it the game? Thx
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    gaming native resolution lags

    Hey guys, when I play need for speed most wanted on native resolution it lags bad, but it's good on 13xx X 7xx resolution, but the problem is when im on that resolution the screen isn't full screen and it's small, and there no fullscreen option.
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    pc games not compatible or mess up

    I don't know if it's my SP2, but alot of my games have compatible problems DMC- works okay, mess up when you exit and cashes when wanna play again. Super Street Fighter IV AE- works but crashes when you edit buttons. New Tomb raider- stuck at menu. Lots of problems so far.
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    hd4400 graphics 3d setup?

    Hey guys I don't see it, there no way to configure the intel hd4400 graphics. And is there way to use Turbo boost on SP2 like in laptops?
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    some games not working with xbox360 control

    Hey guys my games aren't working right with my sp2 with my xbox360 control , like super street fighter iv ae, it would crash when I edit my buttons, and dmc the remote would go crazy, I don't know what's going on.
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    camera image file damaged

    Hi guys my camera won't let me view photo I've taken with the sp2, it will let me view videos but not photos from camera roll, it say this image may be damaged and cannot be view, has anyone ran into this problem? I aslo did a factory restore.

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