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    This is why I disabled automatic updates!bMvFoA
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    Random reboots/restarts

    Random shutdowns/restarts Sweet merciful crap on a stick! I must have really angered the Microsoft gods with my last rant. I recently experienced a random shutdown followed (within 2 minutes) by a random restart. A few days ago, I had a spontaneous restart when I detached my keyboard, but...
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    Surface Care Team doesn't care

    EDIT: :shocked: This certainly ended up longer than I intended... I debated whether to post this but I am growing more and more frustrated as I wait for a reply (any reply) from my Surface Care Team member. So, I might as well start at the beginning. Having been rather happy with the SP1 I...
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    Runaway system process

    The system process seems to start running at an abnormally high CPU utilization for no apparent reason. This high CPU utilization will continue until I restart the SP2 (actually, it just stopped after about 60 min). This is not caused by the widely reported high CPU utilization seemingly...
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    Wacky battery antics

    I have a replacement SP2 that I am putting through its paces before I send the old one back. It has been fine, but it still seems to exhibit some of the anomalies of my original unit. Specifically, the battery level will spontaneously drop from 25.0% to 21.9%. Since both machines exhibit his...
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    Battery weirdness

    Over the past couple of weeks (prior to the Dec update), I have notice some strange battery related issues with my SP2. First, I started noticing that when the battery was fully charged, the battery level indicator would not change until it dropped to 97%. Sometimes it briefly showed 99% or...
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    Bizarre hibernation problems

    My SP2 will no longer hibernate when sleeping, but instead it wakes up. Actually, it does seem to enter hibernation, but then it immediately wakes from hibernation (the "Surface" logo and spinny dots are displayed). Another strange side effect of this behavior is that the "System" process...

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