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  1. Jesse San Nicolas

    Poll Which internet browser do you use?

    My default browser the past 6 years has been Firefox (for its sheer variety of add-ons and fast speed, and before that it was Opera for the same reason. Since getting my surface pro 3, now I only use Google Chrome exclusively, (for its seamless "OK Google" voice search, and many useful...
  2. Jesse San Nicolas

    Improving SSD performance

    Sadly, doing a refresh (regular and dead only) did nothing for my Samsung SSD SP3. My burst rate stayed at 20MBs before at after refreshing. How did you manage to get your burst over 100MBs ctitanic?
  3. Jesse San Nicolas

    Logitech K810 keyboard and 9/9/14 firmware update

    Hey guys, after the recent firmware update a few days ago, I took a leap of faith and bought one from Staples for $50, and paired it to my SP3 with the most recent Setpoint installed (I use it for my Logitech M557 bluetooth mouse as well) and I have no issues with my k810 whatsoever. Seems the...
  4. Jesse San Nicolas

    Improving SSD performance

    Sadly, the Samsung Magician software does not recognize my SP3's Samsung SSD as being a Samsung SSD! Just wanted to tune my Samsung SSD for performance. I really love the Samsung Magician software though, but had to uninstall as it's useless on the SP3. Wonder what kind of SSD speeds the hynix...
  5. Jesse San Nicolas

    questions about the screen technology

    If you put it to sleep, you'll gwt even better life! Better yet, hibermate! Makes me wonder why the SP3 team couldn't collaborate with the Windows Phone 8 team and get the auto-brightness perfected, or why they couldn't have thrown simple things like a nice 13-megapixel camera with flash, and...
  6. Jesse San Nicolas

    Improving SSD performance

    Very interesting find. I figured the SP3 was a variant of the 840 EVO SSD, as was surprised when I tried to run Samsung Magician software on the SP3 and it said it could not find a Samsung drive on my machine, even though my SP3 has a Samsung SSD. Also, the SP3 read/performance at times seems...
  7. Jesse San Nicolas

    Using the SP3 in bed/couch safe?

    I have this problem almost every night :), usually with two SP3's! My biggest problem is making sure not to damage them from foul play, or have them fall off the bed accidentally! So far though, so good! Interesting, as the SP3 firmware really hides many normal Windows 8.1 power modes, which I...
  8. Jesse San Nicolas

    Hidden FN keys for Screenshot, Print Screen, and Screen Brightness. What else is there?

    I feel like I just discovered the Surface Pro 3's type cover keyboard dirty little secret's, using unmarked FN shortcuts. I almost feel like I wish this was a sticky as it could have saved me countless time wasted using the on-screen menu, had I known sooner. These are what I found so far...
  9. Jesse San Nicolas

    Buy Surface Pro 3 now or wait for 4

    Just install ACC Photoshop, and after a few hours of editing, it performed everything flawlessly on my i5/8GB SP3. Go for it, you wont be dissappointed.
  10. Jesse San Nicolas

    Buy Surface Pro 3 now or wait for 4

    Its the never ending oxymoron that goes along with your question. i.e Should I get the Surface Pro 4, or wait for the Surface Pro 5? Transitioning from a $4000 Alienware laptop to a $1300 SP3, I AM CONTENT WITH MY PURCHASE. Performance wise, my Alienware was about 3x more powerful in processor...
  11. Jesse San Nicolas

    i7/512GB order it or not?

    Here is a good article if you want to know exact benchmarks of the i5 vs i7 with all updates installed. Was written just a few weeks ago. Very informative Surface Pro 3 i5 vs i7 – Is the Upgrade Worth the Money?
  12. Jesse San Nicolas

    Who makes a high quality replacement power cord that's at least 5ft long thats less than $5?

    Ya, I was trying to find something that looked good with the SP3 charger, and after looking for a cheap alternative, I decided not to go cheap, and just order the genuine 6ft power cord off ebay in my original post. Spending over $1200 on my SP3, I figured I should give it the best, plus, $24...
  13. Jesse San Nicolas

    Who makes a high quality replacement power cord that's at least 5ft long thats less than $5?

    Well, that was quick. I broke down and bought the power cord above as it was the only 6ft power cord I could find that is an exact replacement, only a lot longer. Not sure if its genuine (Didn't even know microsoft made a 6ft, and back in March a microsoft employee said they don't make anything...
  14. Jesse San Nicolas

    Who makes a high quality replacement power cord that's at least 5ft long thats less than $5?

    One of my biggest peeves with the power adapter is the short 1.5ft power cord. I really like the modern, high quality looks of it though. Can you guys suggest a high quality replacement power cord that is at least 5 ft in length and around $5? I don't want a cheap generic one though. Maybe I'm...
  15. Jesse San Nicolas

    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    Count me in this boat as well! After having the SP3 for a few months, it is evident that there is a serious problem with the Marvell Wifi adapter, or in the drivers. I honestly wish my SP3 did not go into the 'deep sleep' mode at all. Is it really that hard to fix a this wifi issue, from a...
  16. Jesse San Nicolas

    Can I detach the Pen Loop off the Type Cover?

    Thanks for the pic. I can't really see any difference on your type cover, maybe like a 2% variance. Does it look slightly bald where you had the pen loop at now?
  17. Jesse San Nicolas

    Urban Armor Gear Black Case Review with Pics

    I added the weight to my original review of the red case. Just copied and pasted here. 7. YES..... It makes the SP3 heavier, and it is noticeable, but that is the nature of the beast. I measured it weighing in at 14oz. Here are the exact weights that I weighed myself using scale...
  18. Jesse San Nicolas

    Can I detach the Pen Loop off the Type Cover?

    Funny, I want to do the same thing and have the same fear, lol. Been thinking about just buying an extra one from Microsoft for $5 and putting it where I want, and just having 2 pen loops, which would be better than making my type cover look bad from removing the original one.
  19. Jesse San Nicolas

    Power Cover with SP3 + Pics

    All microsoft needs to do is make this for the SP3, make the keys backlit, and I would be one happy camper. Really blows only getting 5 hours on my SP3. Oh, and make different colors as well!
  20. Jesse San Nicolas

    Urban Armor Gear Red Case - Quick Review w/ Pics

    About as easy as putting a case on your phone. Takes about 5 seconds to take off or put on :)

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