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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    This does exactly what I need! Easily installed, and you get a small icon in the tray that toggles touch on and off, and indicates the state by its color. Thanks! Note that the docs indicate that this application probably doesn't work for non-English systems. Also thanks to all who have...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    @Neko, thanks for that hint. I moved the whole Release folder to my C:\Users\Dan folder and changed the script to eliminate any possible Onedrive issues, but still the same result. I noted that in the Q&A section of the TechNet article that @vxm referenced upthread, two other people reported...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    I really would like to get this going on my SP3. I've tried everything suggested but still get the same error. In my earlier post I didn't show the whole screen so here it is: @Neko suggested that the name might be incorrect. I'm using US English, and the device name in my control panel is...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    @vxm, I had the same result as you did. I partially solved the problem by going into the Properties for each of the downloaded cmdlet files and clicked Unblock. Now I get a different error: Does anyone have a clue on this?
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    Mind Mapping App

    I use Mind Manager, and it works great, especially the pen interface. I have used Mind Manager for so long that I don't know if there is anything better, and I'm reluctant to change, because it really works for me.
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    Intel Iris HD5000 Driver update ( = 10.18.10/14.4156)

    I've been hassling with display drivers since I first got my SP3 i7. Within the first week the machine repeatedly froze, requiring a reboot. Research found that f.lux, an application that removes some of the blue tint from the display at sunset (look here to see why) was known to conflict with...
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    Office 2010 vs. Office 2013 vs. Office 365 for meeting notes?

    I've been writing on tablet PC's for many years - the SP3 is my 4th (and best). My previous ones had non-glare screens which give a slight feel of pen friction, so I put a non glare skin on the SP3 screen and get a similar effect. Also, it doesn't reflect, and I like the feel of it for touch...
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    SP3 Folio MS Dock Compatible

    I have a leather Moko, which works pretty well in most situations and will fit over the dock. I tend not to use it when I'm at home, though.
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    Disappearing Taskbar

    I have an SP3 i7 512 with a docking station that connects to an external monitor through mDP to DVI cable. When I dock the machine, the taskbar is replicated on the monitor, although not the right hand section that has the clock and notifications. When I remove the machine, then put it back...
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    I had a similar problem with mine - running an older Samsung EX2220. At first I bought a mDP to VGA adapter and at first it worked great from the docking station or the SP3, but after a few days, it got flaky on the docking station. I then bought a mDP to DVI adapter and that has worked fine...
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    Monitor won't display through SP3 docking station

    I'm having a similar issue. When I first got the docking station I connected it to a Samsung 22" with a Mini DP to VGA cable. It worked for a week or two, then one day, when I plugged in to the dock, the monitor started to flash on and off. It worked fine when I connected it directly to the...
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    I have my new SP3 i7, and yesterday spent my first full work day on it. When I opened my first mmap file and tried to work with it, I realized that there is no INS key on the type cover to create a new topic. Have you found a way to replace this function?
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    I use this app more than I use Word. It lets me take handwritten notes and organize them on the fly, then it archives all of my notes, so I have a complete history of a relationship with a client in one file, including links to outside documents. It translates my handwriting pretty well, and...
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    Screen freezing

    I got my SP3 last week, and started to notice this on day 3. A little research turned up a conflict between f.lux (an app that reduces the blue in the screen for night viewing) and the Intel Graphics driver, which on my machine was 3621. I had to unload the driver and delete it in order to...
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    Solved SP3 multi-mon dpi scaling tweak

    In your picture it looks like you have the sp3 mounted in portrait mode. What holds it up?
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    There's a setting to adjust the height of the ink box. It's in File>Options>Tablet PC. I have mine set to 120px, which is usually enough
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    Where is the business bundle?

    That answers my question. Thanks.
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    Where is the business bundle?

    Where did you order it?
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    Make that project PLANS
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    Mindmanager on SP3

    There is a 30 day free trial. If you're familiar with the mind mapping concept it's pretty intuitive . If not there will be a learning curve. Onenote is handy, especially with instant on, I might use it more, but doesn't come close to the ability to organize notes, project pans, brainstorming...

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