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  1. The Pashmeister

    Database app

    Hi there. I know the Surface RT has Office built-in so I should be able to make my own database, but I'd like an app to store all details of my books, Cds, DVDs, etc. Very geeky I know, but that's why we're on this forum isn't it? Ideally I'd like one that's available on Windows mobile too...
  2. The Pashmeister

    Flash drive compatibility

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I've formatted a flash drive on my Surface RT for storing music on. I've saved a load of music on it from a Windows 7 laptop. When I insert the flash drive into another PC (Windows XP), it won't read the drive and asks permission to format...
  3. The Pashmeister

    Surface RT

    Hi all. Just introducing myself. I've had my RT for about 6 months and it's ok. My main gripe is the struggle I'm having putting videos from DVD onto my micro SD card.
  4. The Pashmeister

    Videos on Micro SD card

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare putting videos from DVD onto my micro SD card. I've got a 64gb card in my Surface RT. I rip the DVD onto my computer's hard drive and I've been using Handbrake to convert into mp4 files. I've done this with 14 different DVDs. 5 have worked perfectly. I have them...