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    Surface Type Cover

    Can someone confirm, that Surface Type Cover will work on all model is, 3,4,6,7 Thanks
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    Surface pro 3 pen no connection

    Hi there any ideas , got surface pro 3, two pens with purple top, replace both pens with new batteries still cannot connect any ideas please
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    Can office 2019 work on surface go
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    my surface pro 3, wont let me update keep getting error message going over again and again many times say it downloaded but it maybe wont instll
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    Onboard keyboard

    Had to reset tablet but when I type nothing works unless I click on icon bottom right, go into settings when I slide that over, it goes back, before I used to type keyboard use to pop up any ideas
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    last night I tried to put my anti virus on then it went to blue screen saying my pc ran into trouble, then I mange to do something that says i needed a key which I found this morning, put the key in got into command prompt that all I looked cannot get any further need help please
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    error message

    had a blue screen error message tried to reinstall from Microsoft cloud, then I got the following message on picture any you guys help me to sort this out thanks
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    delete edit account

    hi there the last few days I had problems with my password logging into 8.1, first on start up it saying other user but in manage account there only one, second I noticed my account is set as administrator and I want to change to standard can some one help on both please tia
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    Solved sp4 chip

    Hi there, I no it has started to shipped out and buy in certain stores, but is there a separate realise date for the top end Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - 512GB / Intel Core i7, and is the skylark thanks
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    surface pro 3 to samsung tv

    Hi I have connected my surface to TV wireless before but have problems trying to remember how to do can you help please
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    reconnect your drive error windows 10

    Keep get message reconnect your drive error windows 10 any ideas
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    Hi not sure if am in right place I have surface pro 3 never had issue with login before till last 30 minutes, on pin it saying I have entered it too many times restart to login done that still same, login in with normal password no problems tried in user setting to change pin just telling me to...
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    Solved connecting epson printer wireless to surface pro 3

    hi there just purchased an new Epson printer to day but I cannot connect my pro3 to, are they combatable to use please
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    NET 4.5.2

    can any one help me how to remove for surface, it not showing up in program so I cannot uninstall from there, but when I try and other version it telling me 4.5 is already installed thanks
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    Hi guys hope you can not sure if surface pro 3 has it own version of vpn only the last few days the one I always use wont work on it no some saying it to do with recent updates but not sure any idea please
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    log in

    Hi there, this might not be serious, but today on log in I noticed where I put my pin/password there a log in for universal does any one no what that for as I have never seen it before thanks
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    factory reset

    hi there I am selling my surface pro, after I have done the reset, when the other person set it up with the windows be activated on connecting to the internet as when I tried this morning I had to log on to wireless for this to happen just a bit worried as it might not do it as it is my name
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    app stopping suface closing down

    When I am closing surface pro 2 down it comes up saying this app shopping it close in down, there no name of the app, the previous two apps I have removed but it still there even thoe it still closes, how can I check or even stop it if I don't no what app it is thanks. Andy
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    keypad sound

    Just done an update today, but when I am typing on the screen the sound has gone very quiet, on normal music etc the sound ok any help with this.
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    surface pro connect to tv

    hi there I see you can connect pro to tv I have being trying but without any joy, I tried usb to usb no luck also tried a cable I bought which has usb hdmi on it all I get is no signal any ideas please tia

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