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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    The receive file option does not work for me only send file (and while showing the Bluetooth connection not connected). And the Bluetooth disconnects immediately regardless.
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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    Well I just noticed mine is actually working even though it says not connected. At least somewhat... phone to surface: no. If I select share/Bluetooth/surface, error: "The device you're trying to send to doesn't support sharing over Bluetooth.". If I try from the surface, desktop/right-click...
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    otterbox type bump case for Pro?

    I bought this one for my wife's phone. Very nice! I got hers on amazon but I notice its out of stock right now but is probably out there somewhere. Dual layer cover w/ Kickstand:
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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    Hmm, yes, I'm sure the 928 and 920 are basically the same... So far in this post it's 2 to 1 that it won't work. Still haven't figured it out???
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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    Anyone else tried this? I've tried every which way and no go. It will pair initially but it immediately disconnects. I've tried deleting both, restarting, re-paired nothing works. I also applied the new marvel bt update, still no go. My ms wedge mouse works fine and I have paired my phone to...
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    Surface Pro Browser Issues

    I don't have so much of a crashing problem but more of a functionality problem. Just now I had to manually select the keyboard because every time I tried to enter some text the keyboard would drop down (this was in the metro browser). My main problem is on web pages that have forms or popups...
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    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    Hey DOS, how long have you had it? Any problems?
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    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    Eclipse Bluetooth mouse Looking for a mouse to replace my wedge. This looks pretty cool but the reviews are hit and miss. I think partly because the people who buy these don't understand Bluetooth? Would like to here from someone with a surface who has tried one of these...
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    Bagged the Wedgie for some Sulpted Comfort

    I bought the wedge mouse myself. I really wanted to like this mouse but I just can't get used to it. I think it's just too small for my hands. I love the concept, small, edgy, Bluetooth. I don't see anything else out there that I want, though. I want something small enough to put in my sleeve...
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    Mail for Exchange

    And your contacts will be in the People app...
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    Excel UserForms on Surface Pro

    No, it only scrolls by holding the scroll bar itself. And like you say, the spreadsheet scrolls just fine. BTW, this functions the same on my desktop pc as well (you can only scroll the userform with the scroll bar) using win7 / office07 on the desktop pc. Same with the scroll wheel on the...
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    Excel UserForms on Surface Pro

    I just tried it on one of my workbooks. At first it didn't seem to work (this was without the touch cover attached). I then tried it with the pen (dragging the scroll bar) and that got it going. Now it will scroll with my finger also. Then I tried it with touch cover attached using click and...
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    Anybody else feel like a SP Beta tester for MS?

    Had mine a month. The only thing I noticed at first was it was losing the type cover when it went to sleep. This only happened if I popped it off when it was asleep then tried to wake it without it. That problem seems to be solved (with an update?) now as it just always works??? Other than that...
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    New arrivals, 2nd pre-order round come in yet?

    Has anyone received their new surface pro 128 they ordered on the second go round of pre-orders? That would have been starting feb, 16. I orederd mine monday the 19th and my order status still shows: Quantity: 1 Pre-Order Ship it
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    Surface pro WAY under appreciated

    You guys may have seen this already but here's a review by a real power user...something we don't see enough off. Just FYI. A Week With Nothing but the Surface Pro | GeekMom |
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    Outlook 2010 and Surface Pro

    Thank you!
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    Outlook 2010 and Surface Pro

    Hmm, I called MS and asked specifically about Outlook 2010 stand alone and the person I talked to said it was not part of the free upgrade??? Then I look online at thier site and read the fine print: Qualifying Office Products The following genuine Office products meet the...
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    Outlook 2010 and Surface Pro

    I just bought Outlook 2010 with the intent of installing it on my Surface Pro (If I ever get it, it's on pre-order :disappointed:). But now I am reading Outlook 2013 has touch integration. Will I regret using 2010? Is it upgradable with MS to 2013? I guess same deal with Microsoft Office Home...
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    Microsoft Surface Pro sell-out flap: Is the tablet really that popular?

    So when will they become available???

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