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    Solved Surface 2 not charging

    but i'm guessing that your S2 was actually holding some sort of charge... my newly delivered S2 wont even work unless the power cable is attached, so i can't see how the 5 minute volume/power trick would work in my situation. Whole thing is a pain in the arse, when i tried to seek help from...
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    Surface 3 (Non Pro) expectations, and hopes

    So much for my theory... atleast one large chain store has seemingly been resupplied overnight. Just when you think they're going to zig, they zag... very frustrating
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    Surface 3 (Non Pro) expectations, and hopes

    :..rather conveniently, the Microsoft Store is now sold out of the 32GB S2, as well as the 64GB. Only one they still have in stock is the 4G version. Really is starting to seem like a successor is due soon
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    What do you do with the keyboard when using Surface as a tablet?

    I just reverse it. Folding it back always worried me, especially with the material being at risk of being pulled out of the 'spine'... as happened with earlier produced keyboard/covers
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    Surface 3 (Non Pro) expectations, and hopes

    Even if you consider Nokia (Devices) being part of MS... either a new Lumia tablet or a Surface RT tab would need to be released soon to maintain , as you put it... traction. The Surface 2 was unveiled about this time last year (wikipedia lists it as Sept 23rd), and the Lumia 2520 was announced...
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    Surface 3 (Non Pro) expectations, and hopes

    I don't know about anywhere else... but where i stay, most of the physical stores have either run out of S2 stock (both 32 and 64GB versions), or completely discontinued sales of S2 devices, all within the last week. Only a handful of places (within 200 miles) have any left, and even then it's...
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    Surface 3 (Non Pro) expectations, and hopes

    Since we are getting to 'that' time of year again... assuming Microsoft announce a new non Pro Surface tablet, what are you hoping for, and what are you expecting. I'm hoping it will stay in a similar price range, and that MS haven't given up on there being an RT tablet Expecting... new...
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    Surface died and came back to life

    Earlier this week my Surface 'died' and then 2 days later came back to life, and i can't figure out what caused it. Left the house on monday morning with it still working, put it to sleep before i left. When i got home, it refused to wake... thinking it needed charge, i left it plugged in for a...
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    Who here uses a Windows Phone

    Been using WP Since the lumia 800 was released. Currently using the 1020...probably not going to upgrade until the 1030 (or whatever it gets called) is announced/released. Would have considered the HTC ONE (M8) with windows phone, if it hadn't had such a pitiful camera
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    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    1. Why did you buy a Microsoft Surface tablet? A: I've used windows devices for as long as i can remember, i had been using a Windows Phone device for about a year and liked the interface. I was interested the first time i saw an article about the Surface. It seemed more practical than either...
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    Windows 8.2... What Do You Want!?

    I'd like to see the battery reading displayed (i mean being displayed as a %, rather than a visual gauge) on the "Charm" Date and Time block... At the moment it means switching out of an app and back to the Start screen, then opening desktop and hovering over the battery reading. Obviously its...
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    Accesory wish list

    I would like a "Type Cover" where the track pad and... "click buttons" (i forget the name at the mo) are separate things... cos if your working on the desktop side of the OS, and trying to select a load of files to move, it can be a pain with the combined track pad and clickers
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    How to completely kill UI apps

    Over a year using my surface... and im still learning. Many thanks for the tip
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    spot the Surface!

    The surface appeared in several episodes of NCIS Los Angeles... pretty sure it was the Surface Pro that appeared as it had the USB port on the left hand side. But MS has provided devices for years on NCIS Los Angeles (since mid way through season 2)... the Surface and WP phones (and Windows...

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