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    Less than 3 Hours Battery Life - i5

    This is unacceptable! I bought this to replace a SP4, i7 16GB RAM because I wanted extended battery life, but I'm not getting it. Less than 3 hours, surfing using Foxfire. Any ideas? The following is what I see as output from powercfg -energy: Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report Computer...
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    TSA says SP4 is a laptop, not a tablet ...

    Simply that. I've had to remove the Surface Pro from my carry-on bags three times now. TSA reps have said if there's a keyboard attached, they call it a laptop. Bummer.
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    Another New SP4 Owner

    My machine is an 17, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, plus a 128GB microSD to expand drive storage. This is essentially my work computer, so it's a "laptop with backup tablet function" for me. My more resource-demanding software includes Adobe Acrobat Pro, Quickbooks Premier, and Photoshop; I also run a...

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