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    Torrex bittorrent client for Windows RT

    A couple of days ago I spotted a bittorrent client in the store. It's called called Torrex and is available for Windows RT. Seems to work nicely, just keep it snapped while you're downloading to avoid any issues with suspend. Seems to have a nice feature set plus some UI customization options.
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    Password application

    I'm using PassKeep. It's a simple app that is compatibable with KeePass files coming from my work machine (XP)
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    Commodore 64 emulator out!

    Thanks for the heads-up! Edit: Just tried with a few games and it works. Definitely would be great if there was USB Xbox controller support, I hope it keeps evolving.
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    Surface RT Warranty USA->Europe

    I got mine in the US (I'm living in France right now). Not sure about the warranty here in the EU, but if you want to save your € it's a good plan. I got a 32GB + Type cover + 64GB SD card for 10% less than the France 32GB + Touch cover retail price. Another bonus for me was to get the Type...
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    Any suggestions for adding a USB printer manually? (add Port question)

    Hi All, I'm trying to add my HP LaserJet M1132 MFP which Microsoft list as compatible with limited functionality. Windows doesn't find it automatically so I'm trying to do it manually... From Control Panel I click Devices and printers > Add a printer, then click "The printer that I want...
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    How to remove unwanted user folders from c:\users

    I agree Trenton. This is the correct way to remove unwanted accounts, but I could not get the associated user folder under C:\Users to permanently delete. It would continue to be recreated at each restart. The offending folder only contained TextHarvester.dat which doesn't take up much space...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    I picked up one of these 10.2" HP mini laptop cases. Nice fit without a keyboard, snug but not too tight with the Type keyboard, and fits the height/width of the Surface very well. Amazon or Best Buy Edit: Images added following ArnoldC's request (below). Perspective in the first pic makes...
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    How to remove unwanted user folders from c:\users

    Hi All, Just got my hands on a Surface (which I'm loving so far...), but was frustrated by a problem in the C:\Users folder. I had created a temp/test user during my playing and I couldn't get the associated User folder to permanently delete, even though the temp/test user account had been...

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