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    Can I use Surface Pro 1 without internal battery?

    I cannot find an internal battery anywhere online which has been really frustrating. My screen was coming off and was bent upwards. I thought it was warped from heat over time but after cracking it open I saw that my whole motherboard was bending upwards due to pressure from what seems to be a...
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    Can surface pro be used without screen?

    I have a surface pro 1 and the screen is warped and coming off at the bottom and right side. Still perfectly viewable but I cannot press the screen flush to the backing. As if something inside has swelled, possibly the battery? Maybe it's just that warped though. Can I take the screen...
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    Any word on Surface Pro 3?

    I love my Surface Pro. The Pro 2 wasn't enough of an upgrade to warrant replacing my original. I told myself to wait until SPro3 for a decent upgrade, but I don't see any information on it yet. Not even rumors. Has me worried. There was one article a little while back with a couple of rumors...

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