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  1. Echrada

    Solved My SP4 just self-destructed

    When my first SP4 went toes up, it just died - complete black screen. No power or anything. So what you experienced is certainly a strange situation.
  2. Echrada

    New SP4 firmware out

    Read THIS
  3. Echrada

    New SP4 firmware out

    I received the update yesterday morning, and everything went smoothly, last night I put my Surface Pro 4 to sleep at 7pm and just woke it up, 8.50am - last night at time of going to sleep 60% now 57% - a drop of 3% in more about 14 hrs. NOT BAD!
  4. Echrada

    New SP4 firmware out

    Smooth as anything! No problems and feels so much better!
  5. Echrada

    Solved USB Ethernet Does Not Work

    Have used a USB Ethernet port since I first received my Surface Pro 3 and am now using the same one on SP4 without any problems whatsoever.
  6. Echrada

    MS Surface pro 4: Terrible Build quality

    Wholeheartedly agree!
  7. Echrada

    MS Surface pro 4: Terrible Build quality

    You're right - 1547 - eyes not so great!
  8. Echrada

    MS Surface pro 4: Terrible Build quality

    My first SP4 was a i5, 256, 8, and had t be sent back. I now have an i7, 256, 8 and couldn't be happier. I have had no issues as I did a clean install and all updates were done before I started using it.
  9. Echrada

    Have you sent your SP4 back?

    My Surface Pro 4 is no more, it died halfway through an important document. It has now gone back and I am now using an SP3 again. Have you sent yours back? And why?
  10. Echrada

    Display Driver Crashing

    Same here I do not use Edge only IE11 and have had no crash since removing Edge.
  11. Echrada

    Mini display adapter to dvi?

    Am using THIS one from Amazon
  12. Echrada

    UK Excitement building - shipping date 12th Nov

    Since Saturday I have used my SP4 quite extensively and have had one Display crash but it was so fleeting it isn't really worth mentioning. Since then no more crashes. No other issues to report as it does just work. I have found that the battery does deplete during sleep overnight and have...
  13. Echrada

    Anyone with 100% Functioning Surface Dock?

    I bought my dock with my SP4 and it works perfectly.
  14. Echrada

    UK Excitement building - shipping date 12th Nov

    I did my clean install on Friday when I received it, that was the first thing I did so I did not use the SP4 with the preloaded OS. Only started using it after I did the clean install. Will report back again.
  15. Echrada

    Surface Pro 4 Lot Numbers

    i5 8gb 256GB lot no 1544
  16. Echrada

    UK Excitement building - shipping date 12th Nov

    I downloaded Windows 10 with the update from MSDN, then downloaded the SP4 drivers and utilities from Microsoft, and did a complete wipe and reinstall. I have not had one problem. My SP4 is fast, responsive, good battery life, and no crashes of any kind whatsoever.
  17. Echrada

    Color of your SP4 typecover


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