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    Cannot pin Settings

    I’m trying to pin Settings to Taskbar. When I right click the icon in Start, all I get is “Pin to Start”. (no Pin to Taskbar) When I open it and it is on the Taskbar, I right click and only get “Close window”. I have tried a few other tricks, but nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Outlook 2016 not responding

    HOPE THIS THREAD IS OK HERE. :( I have Windows 10 and an Office 365 Subscription, which I updated to Office 2016 when it became available not long ago. (Surface 3) Recently, when working with Outlook, it constantly/regularly hangs/freezes (Outlook not responding), forcing me to get out via...
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    Newbie questions. Need help!

    I just upgraded from my Surface RT, which for three years has served me well, to the Surface 3. (64G model). After four days, I’m loving it, but have some initial newbie questions. 1) The RAM usage is consistently at 40-70% of the 2G. Is this normal? 2) When I share (Charm Bar) a web page...
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    Feedly sign in

    Until now, I've had no problem signing in to Feedly on my laptop, iPad, Windows phone, and Surface RT. Since yesterday, every time I try to sign in from my Metro UI start screen on the Surface RT, I get an “oauth” screen, and cannot sign in. Any suggestion as to how do I fix this? Thank you.
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    Can anyone recommend a good Facebook app? Pleeease!

    I have a laptop and a Surface RT with Windows 8.1. I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I have an iPad2. My Facebook News Feed is very important to me. The News Feed on my Lumia's People Hub is perfect. Always posting all updates for my friends and the Pages that I have liked. I also have two iPad...

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