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    Why does my Surface Pro 3 not set the correct resolution on my Dell P2815Q after sleep?

    About half the time when my Surface Pro 3 returns from sleep/hibernate it doesn't set the correct resolution on my Dell P2815Q (4k) monitor. Instead I have to right-click on desktop, set resolution, change it from 1024x768 to 3840x2160 and move the monitor relative location to be where I want...
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    Why does my Surface Pro 3 go to sleep?

    My Surface Pro 3 goes to sleep when it's plugged in, after something like 5 mins. It's on the Balanced plan with 'put the computer to sleep' after 4 mins On battery and 2 hours Plugged in, yet I find it asleep after going to get a coffee or a short meeting. It's definitely plugged in, it's using...
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    Default Power Plan options apart from Balanced have disappeared, how to restore them?

    On Windows 8.1 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, normally I have Balanced, Power saver, and maybe High Performance. Recently I noticed I now only have Balanced ... where could the others have gone? I certainly have not deleted them myself. When I go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power...
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    Continued network problems and BAD_POOL_HEADER BSOD

    My Surface Pro 3 running Win 8.1 with all the latest updates continues to have problems with the network adapter. In the last week or so I've also had 3 BSOD crashes, at least two of these were when I was experiencing network problems. Are all Surface Pro 3s suffering from this problem? Is...
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    System restarts instead of returning normally from sleep

    Recently my Surface Pro 3 i5 seems to no longer be able to return from Sleep mode, instead when I wake it up it's a clean restart. It may have done this once or twice in the past couple of months but now it's happening very often, perhaps every time. Is this a recent firmware update or something...

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