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    MS could propose something like Razer for SP5

    I just saw the new Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook with the external GPU and it seems..WOW. Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook and Razer Core External Graphics Dock I love my SP3 and didn't feel the need to upgrade to the 4th (and probably won't upgrade to the 5th one), but if MS would propose...
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    Why MS doesn't offer the keyboard for SP3 & 4 ?

    The idea of a keyboard with a GPU inside is great !!! But why MS doesn't offer it for the Surface Pro 3 and 4 ? It will be great to add more graphic power to our Surface with just a new keyboard ! Do you think they will offer this but not now (later next year) ?
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    Screen : black glitches

    Hi all, Since yesterday, I'm very worried with my SP3. I've got black "glitches" on my screen every minutes. Sometimes, even when I start the Surface (on the logo "Surface"), so not only in Windows. And sometimes, everything freeze on the screen and I have to click on the sleep button, and...
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    Solved Windows 10 activation problem (error 0xC004C003)

    Hi all, I've upgraded my SP3 to W10. After checking that my W10 was activated, I did a clean install of W10. Everything worked for 24 hours and then, suddenly, Windows tells me that Windows 10 is not activated. If I go to Settings/Windows Update/Activation, I click on "activate" and I've got...
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    my first thermometer warning (W10)

    Hi all, I've installed Windows 10 yesterday on my SP3. Really happy with this new OS, except that my Surface is hot a little bit more than before and that I've got my first thermometer warning (the thermometer icon on the screen). Any idea why my fan is always blowing really loud and why my...
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    Is Docking Station ruining the battery ?

    Hi, I was wondering if the docking station is ruining the battery life of the SP3. SP3 has lithium battery. In order to increase the battery life of lithium battery it is recommend to : - Charge it when it's possible (for the cycles) - not charge it when it's in use (and that's the problem...
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    Docking station idea

    Hi all, I was wondering, is it possible that Microsoft will create, one day, a docking station for the Surface pro that contains more RAM, a better graphic card..etc . Is it physically possible ? If yes, why don't they do it ?
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    OneDrive files. What is the position of Microsoft ?

    I see in the new build that OneDrive, in Windows 10, can't show files that aren't sync. We can only choose the file that we want to sync and they are stored on the HDD. I think it's a huge mistake and I really don't understand why they did that. Do you know if they can step back on this...
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    problem with OneDrive

    Weirdly (and suddenly) my oneDrive doesn't work on my SP3. On my desktop computer, next to me, it works perfectly. But on my SP3 if I try to open a file it says : This file can't be open at the moment. There is a problem with your Onedrive" Anyone know what could be the problem (the syncing is...
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    screen problem at the left corner. Hardware or Software ?

    Hi all, Sometimes, I put my SP3 on sleep and it reboot hitself.. And weirdly, when it happened my screen on the left corner doesn't work anymore. I can't select anything with my finger in this zone. (I can with the mouse). If I reboot again my SP3, the screen works correctly again. Anyone...
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    pen sensitivity (writes before touching the screen)

    Hi all, I've got my SP3 since 3 weeks now. Everything was working fine with the pen until today. Weirdly, when I approach the pen near the screen (but not touching it), it begins to draw ! (a small point appears when the pen is close to the screen and it draws like I was touching it). It's...
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    personalize display with Docking station

    Hi all, I've just installed my new docking station for the surface pro 3 and I was wondering : I've changed the default display on my SP3 in order to have bigger icons & text (It's a little bit messy with Adobe Flash as everything is really zoomed and buttons are out of the screen but...
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    AZERTY keyboard in USA

    Hi all, I was wondering, I'm french and I will come to the USA for holidays. I want to buy the Surface Pro 3 there (as it is my birthday) in a Windows Store. But, do you know if it's possible to buy an AZERTY keyboard ?? If not, how can I do buy one in USA ? (maybe I could ask now to a...

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