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    Anyway to turn off Intel's POS Display Power Saving Technology?

    I used to be able to manually install Intel's Graphics drivers and get the Intel Control Panel back to turn it off. But since the June patch, I am not able to do that anymore. I am talking about the "feature" where when you are viewing a dark screen, the screen automatically dims. You can see...
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    For those who updated to 8.1u1, is the double tap drag getting CONSTANTLY misread?

    So if you updated to the leaked 8.1 update 1 that brings back double-tap to drag, is it constantly getting detected even though you didn't mean to double tap drag? Just open a folder with a bunch of files in it and then try and single-tap on them one at a time. It seems like MSFT needs to reduce...
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    Surface Pen Sensitivity? It draws when I'm not touching the screen

    Most people here seem to not know how the digitizer/stylus combo actually works. Once your stylus is within the range to be detected by your SP2 (the dot shows up), your SP2 has basically done its part. The task of when your SP2 decides to put ink on the screen is now totally dependent on...
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    My review of Surface Pro 2

    Have you ever tried dragging and dropping something? Or using the touchpad when there is any little bit of moisture on your fingers?
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    My review of Surface Pro 2

    Touchpad is great???????????????????????? Are we using the same device?
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    What is your CPU usage with all programs closed? It's supposed to be a little bit warm when in use, it is a computer, it isn't going to be ice cold like ARM tablets are.
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    Two finger scrolling stopped working on Chrome. Driving me crazy.

    So two finger scrolling has always worked for me even after the latest Chrome 32 update with all the updated touch stuff. Then I reformatted my SP2 and now it won't work. Don't tell me to use IE. I have addons that I use daily that are not available on IE and I can visually see IE loading pages...
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    Cannot zoom in or out using Chrome browser.

    Go to Chrome://Flags and enable "Pinch Scale". Other things to enable: -"Enable touch events" -"Touch Optimized UI" To fix the DPI issue, either enable "HiDPI Support" in flags or right click on Chrome Icon > Properties > Compatibility > Check "Disable displaying scaling for high DPI". Those...
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    Does anyone know when the Surface Pro 3 will be released?

    What is the point of this thread? How would any of us know any of these things?
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    My Thoughts On the Surface Pro 2

    Format your friggin posts instead of writing a wall of text. Otherwise just don't write it at all.
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    how do you marl, drag and drop on the SP2

    Go to search and search for On Screen Keyboard (it isn't the same one you get from the keyboard button in taskbar). There you can press Ctrl or Shift and then tap on items to select them individually (Ctrl) or in a batch (Shift) just like you would with a keyboard and mouse.
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    Would be nice if you guys included some important information at the beginning of the video like what is the FPS like, if there are any FPS spikes and if so, how often, what the FPS is like on the lowest settings, etc.

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