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    Concerns and a Warning

    I wanted to give everyone a final update on this. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with Microsoft Service and the Store, but all is resolved. Holiday season aside (they have now extended the return period as mentioned elsewhere in this thread) MS have a 15 day grace period they can use...
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    Concerns and a Warning

    Yes I did multiple soft and hard resets. It fixed it some times and others it did not. There is no rhyme no reason to it that I can find. I will say that in all cases the problem EVENTUALLY resolves, but I am uncomfortable waiting (in one case) a whole day with multiple resets for the issue...
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    Concerns and a Warning

    Update Good thought, but I have been talking to Microsoft Service and Microsoft Store support all week and will I think have an update to provide soon. The short version is that if you get your issue elevated high enough, they have a 15 day grace period they can add to the stated period...
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    Concerns and a Warning

    Note that the return policy is now relaxed for the holidays so if you buy after November 27th you have more time
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    Concerns and a Warning

    I have been loving my Surface 2 Pro while using it, but I have now had several instances of weird power issues. The battery charger connects perfectly, lights, and the unit shows charging, but the % stays at 0 and never charges. I reboot and same problem. I call tech support and they walk me...
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    Battery sucking apps?

    Running both I have DB running because as an early and often referrer I have 116GB free. I have Skydrive since they gave it to me. Both run fine, and I get good battery duration- 7-8 Hours while working, less if playing.
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    Very Unhappy :(

    My 2 cents 1. The Type cover is Stiff and if you try to flip it back the way you think you should by placing your fingers under where it is flipping to to hold the tablet (ie at the bottom of the tablet) it will disconnect when it hits your fingers. i just hold the top of the tablet and flip it...
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    My Experience (SP2 256/8) one month in)

    As usual, your mileage may vary and blah blah blah, but I wanted to share my thoughts after 1 month of ownership. See my previous post for my first week with the device. New findings to follow: Pluses? 1. This thing runs like a beast. it handles everything I throw at it as long as I...
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    How to update Surface Pro 2 Recovery Image Drivers (fixes unknown device with reset)

    I did. Large files and slow to mount, unmount and copy, but it worked as shown.
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    FLIPBOARD for Windows 8.1 finally released!

    Yes The link I posted takes you to the Flipboard page. Then click the Windows Store Icon and it is there. I have it installed and it works well. Link is
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    FLIPBOARD for Windows 8.1 finally released!

    It IS in the store but have to follow the link on
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    Schedules maintenance always running?

    Too funny Ruffles! I did the same thing. Had it running at 3 AM and it was running constantly. I then moved it to Lunch and now it has stopped. I assume it needs to run when it is idle and since my tablet was off at 3 AM it kept trying to run while I was working. Now it runs while the Surface...
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    What makes Microsoft so slow?

    (Edited 11/14) 1. Never said you couldn't or could afford anything. 2. I am not "delusional". 3. I did not buy a "toy". 4. "troll?" ok I did IMPLY you might be a troll if you come here and bitch and haven't purchased a Surface yet. This was based on what I am reading in your latest posts. 5...
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    What makes Microsoft so slow?

    Ok, I will play. I have worked for a fortune 500 CE company for 20 years in Marketing, Product Planning, and Sales so I have a bit of experience in some of these matters but in no way will I claim to be an expert on the challenges and goals MS or Apple have. Having said that, EVERY company...
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    What makes Microsoft so slow?

    Ok fanboys,play nice now...:p
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    Charging Light Still On Even Fully Charged at 100%, Normal?

    Dear MS Product Development: See below!
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    My Experience (SP2 256/8) one week in)

    I grabbed the incipio Nylon one since I carry everything in a Backpack anyway.
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    No built in stylus holder?

    I have also had devices with styluses built in where the channel rubbed off enough of the stylus that it became loose and easily lost, which is the whole issue we are seeking to avoid.
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    My Experience (SP2 256/8) one week in)

    As usual, your mileage may vary and blah blah blah, but I wanted to share my thoughts after 1 week of owning what is turning out be one of the best purchases I have ever made. Why the SP2 256/8? My goal was to replace an android tablet and a work laptop. I have been waiting for a machine that...
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    anyone's fans come on yet?

    I got mine to come on playing Tanki Online on an external 23" Monitor while running Office on the second monitor. I have a USB Docking station.

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