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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    Living in Turkey so as well as the usual uses (communications - email, skype & chat to my friends & family back home) also watching TV and films in English using VPN setup. Interesting to see that for many entrants this is their first post on this site.
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    What Features Do You Want to See in the Surface Tablet?

    Techradar´s review of Windows 8 (final version) says ''it will offer Flash functionality for IE on Windows RT (at least on what it calls the "initial delivery of Windows RT PCs''. A little bit dubious about this as Adobe has already saıd that it had ceased support for Flash on mobile devices. I...
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    Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface

    I had just about taken the decision to move away from Apple and migrate to Windows RT tablet but on digging deeper have found some more problems. I use my Apple to watch TV streams and Wındows 8/RT does not support SLS which currently is still the industry standard. Flash was the other...
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    So What Do You Think of the BIG Rumor Going Around? $199.00 for the RT

    Cannot see this price unless maybe linked to some form of subscription. Micrpsoft have already upset there hardware partners by emtering the market and will already take a large proportion of new sales if the price is competitive with other suppliers. If they price drastically lower by...
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    BobjGear is a Supporting Vendor!

    Your site is blocked by the Turkish goverment - cannot log on to it.
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    Hi from Turkey

    Do not like that if you want GPS you MUST buy 3G/4G. İf you want to upload photos from card you must buy and carry addiitional cables. Memory not expandable without buying 3rd party options which again means more thimgs to carry. Then there are the problems you have if you want to move away...
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    Totally agree WiFi covers you 95% of the time and tethering can cover the other 5%. One of my gripes with the Ipad is you have to buy the 3G/4G version if you want GPS.
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    Hi from Turkey

    Hi all I am a Brit living in Turkey and looking to escape the clutches of Apple. Potentially going to be an expensive move as although I will probably be able to move my music I also have a lot of video - Movies + TV series. Surface looks like it might provide a good alternative to the fruit...
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    Top 5 Killer Apps

    1: Skype 2: Photoshop or other good photo editing program 3: Offline maps assuming comes with GPS receiver 4: BBC Iplayer assuming can set up a VPN connection to watch from overseas even better if you can send via HDMI port to TV 5: Good Email App
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    [Rumor] Microsoft Surface Tablet May Sell Only in Microsoft Stores

    And what about the rest of the World???? Apple (sorry for bad language) generally do a Global Launch. This still does not work where I live in Turkey so I have to order via UK & get someone to bring out.

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