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    Is it possible to cancel the surface extended warranty?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to cancel the extended microsoft complete warranty and receive a prorated refund back? I know several companies do this and am wondering if microsoft can do this before I waste my time on the phone. Would I need to call the microsoft store number or surface...
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    Design Flaw for Microsoft Surface Pro 2

    Both my creaking units at the 4200u. This unit isn't as bad as the previous unit (that one had audible creaking when I would just tap the middle of the screen. This one is only currently at the edge), so I won't be calling MS for a replacement until it gets worse. I did purchase the extended...
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    Design Flaw for Microsoft Surface Pro 2

    Mine has been used only at home where I keep it at 74F. The issues only started happening after I used the surface plugged into my monitor doing AutoCAD/some gaming. The unit was warm to the touch, never overheated, but it must have did something to the glue as others are experiencing the same...
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    Design Flaw for Microsoft Surface Pro 2

    Hey guys, I bought my surface pro 2 in late November and Ive loved it ever since and it was perfect, until about a month later. On December 17th, I noticed that my surface made a loud creak/crack noise whenever touched near the webcam, and I could even feel the screen moving up and down with...

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