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    Touch Keyboard and screen resizing

    In windows 8, when you are using touch keyboard in Docked Mode, all programs and screen maximized in upside of touch keyboard. But in windows 10, it does not happens and half th programs window are placed behind the keyboard. Is there any way for solving this problem? Sorry4BadEnglish!
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    Test SSD Speed plugged and unplugged charger

    i tested SSD speed of my SP4 i5 128GB by HD Tune Software. there is a big difference between plugged and unplugged charger; but is this Normal?! Plugged Charger: Unplugged Charger:
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    Help,Download recovery image

    Hi, i really need your help... My surface pro 4 i5 128gb 4gb was died yesterday and i must download recovery image now. But download speed of microsoft host is very very slow in my country and i can't download it... I will give you ftp host and please please download the image and upload on my...
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    many problems with new surface pro 4

    excuse me for bad English. i bought a surface pro 4 yesterday and i have many problems with that: first, a little speck of dust under screen!! you can see in the attached picture. is this normal? that is very small, but is this Possible? or may my device opened before? second, when i open...

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