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    Is this worth the upgrade?

    Right now I have 3 year old SP3 with Pro 4 pen and Pro 4 keyboard 4th gen i5 128SSD 4GB and I came across someone selling a 5 month old SP4 for $900CDN obo with Pro 4 pen and keyboard 6th gen i5 256SSD 8GB My question is, how much would you be willing to pay in difference (from selling my...
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    What is a base model SP3 worth?

    i5 4GB 128SSD With Pro 4 pen and Pro 4 keyboard. Thoughts?
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    True or False: SP3 can't output 4K through HDMI 2.0 to mini DP?

    I was told it's an Intel HD graphics related issue and that if you want to connect the SP3 to a 4K TV that has HDMI 2.0, that you will need a SP3 with Nvidia GPU. True?
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    How hard is it to upgrade the SSD drive in SP3's?

    Anyone done this before? Bunch of Youtube videos on this and since my SP3 is well out of warranty, I am thinking about putting in a 1TB SSD. The 128gb just isn't cutting it anymore.
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    Type cover keyboard flat or propped up? Which do you prefer and why?

    Which do you use mostly and why?
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    Who here upgraded their Pro 3 pen to the Pro 4 pen?

    Do you think it was worth the upgrade?
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    My SP3 wont shut down or reboot

    This is pissing me off, not sure whats happend to this piece of crap computer over the past couple weeks. I reboot or shutdown and it just hangs. Screen goes black, keyboard still lights up so I know the SP3 is still on. I have to hold the power button for a full minute before it powers off. I...
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    Can the i5 SP3 power a 4K monitor?

    Just curious. Hoping to do it without the dock. I picked up an unreal deal on a 40" Philips 4K for $699CDN and wont open it unless the SP3 can power it. I have the i5 model.
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    Going from the SP3 to the ipad pro

    Played with an ipad today at best buy (first time in almost 2 years that Ive used one, when I sold my air). Felt like such a compromise! I kept reaching for my pen (which I have on the side of my SP3 with the pen loop). Nope, nothing there on the ipad. Kept reaching for my type cover to...
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    Touchpad stops working on the Pro 4 type cover

    Microsoft hardware is so underwhelming, my god. For a $170CDN device you would think it would have better quality than dollar store goods. Using the Pro 4 TC on the Pro 3. And all of a sudden out of nowhere the touchpad will stop working. The only way to get it working again is to detach the...
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    Anyone else use canned air on their type cover?

    It works great especially with how thin it is, canned air is really the best way to get all the dust bunnies out. Hang the type cover upside down so the keys are facing the ground and spray away. You want the keys facing down so all the dust bunnies fall right out.
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    Need help from someone who is using a Pro 4 pen on the Surface Pro 3

    I am testing out the Pro 4 pen on my Pro 3 in One Note. The eraser will stop working. I want one of you guys to open OneNote and fill it with stuff. Then use the eraser tip on the pen and erase everything. Does the eraser ever stop working? MS said theres an update for the Pro 3 to use the pro...
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    Anyone here prefer the SP3 type cover over the SP4 cover?

    What I dont get is why MS decided to have the keys on the SP4 cover have more travel? It has noticably more travel and the keys on the SP3 feel very stiff in comparison. The Sp3 keys are so light, it takes barely any effort to type on them. But when you type on SP4 type cover, the keys feel...
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    Volume and key brightness keys dont work on the SP4 type cover in win 10

    Anyone else have this problem? It worked in W8.1 before I updated to 10.
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    Why is Apple copying Microsoft?

    They cant even name the ipad Pro with their new name. Surface Pro. Ipad pro. How original. Then they copy the stylus. Then they copy the type cover. Cant Apple come up with original ideas anymore?
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    Is it worth buying the new SP4 type cover to use on my SP3?

    is the improvement really that much to warrant $170 CDN?
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    Is there no way to charge the SP3 off portable battery packs?

    I really cant stand how the SP3 uses a propritary connector. Is there no way to charge the SP3 off portable batteries?
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    Cleaning your screen with sandpaper

    A couple people in the office just got new $3000 Mac books and the other day saw them cleaning their screens with the office paper towel! If you know the stuff Im talking about, this stuff is like sandpaper, (the industry stuff that they have in all schools). If its too rough to wipe your nose...
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    Anyone carry a portable USB hub with their SP3?

    I think its a must. I found a tiny and very portable Belkin 4 port powered hub in my basement and was going to recycle it, but thought hey, this is a must for when I carry my SP3 around. Because 1 USB port is very limiting at times when on the go especially for those who carry a mouse with them...
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    Would this dock work on SP3?

    Work well you think? Only thing I wonder is, running two monitors through it, how much resources would this use on the SP3? Would this mean I wouldnt have to run one of my monitors through mini DP on the Sp3?

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