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    Can't connect to MS Store on Surface2?

    Hey everyone, encountered a weird problem today, and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. When I click on the Store app, the green screen and shopping bag comes up, but the activity indicator just keeps spinning, never loading the store. Am I unique or are others...
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    Skype with Surface 2

    ok... this all part of troubleshooting for an issue I am having with Skype. I originally thought it had to do with lock screen apps, but after some trial and error, I don't believe that to be the case. So.. I started a new thread with a new title... now... on with the inquiry. When my...
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    Lock Screen Apps not running?

    Greetings everyone! I just bough my Surface 2 about a week ago to use when on business away from the family. One of the best tools to keep in touch is Skype, but my Skype will not ring through when my surface goes to lock screen / sleep mode. I have checked my Skype settings, and it is set...

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