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    Jan 2019 Driver Updates?

    I got an update last night, see attached. Does anyone know what they do? I can't seem to find information about them.
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    Screen Flicker after 1809 Update

    My SP4 updated this past weekend and now I see the screen flickering. After a bit of searching, I found that some SP4 devices have this issue. I can't see if it's defective, or a result of the update. It was purchased in 2015, so I would imagine it's well past the warranty. Is MS offering a...
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    DRIPS Question

    For those of you using connected standby, does your SP4 ever enter DRIPS? I have yet to see mine do so. If it should be, is there something obvious that would prevent it from entering? Overall, my SP4 is great, but I keep obsessing about this battery drain thing ... I should just let it go ...

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