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    eBay: Surface RT w/ Keyboard, $199 USD (Manufacturer Refurb)

    Yep - agreed... in the near future I expect we will see more ebay deals.
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    Pre order or store order?

    At a Ms store you should have no problems getting the configuration you want. I think its highly probable the sell thru numbers this time around will be considerably less than the sp1.
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    No built in stylus holder?

    Pro is too heavy as it is. I would like a larger screen but not at the expense of weight.
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    eBay: Surface RT w/ Keyboard, $199 USD (Manufacturer Refurb)

    Ms has warehouses full of these that they were not able to sell when there was no rt number 2. I would not be surprised to see 199 in the near future.
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    Malfunction when plugged into airplane power outlet

    Yep. Not typical. Use all the time on airline power seat outlet.
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    64 GB space is plenty...

    Yep. Definitely can get by with sixty four. In my use the 64 was 40 gb too little.
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    $13 Charger

    The OEM RT charger works fine albeit a bit slower on the PRO. This one appears to have the correct end adapter,, but no idea if it will function like the OEM RT. Let us know.
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    Complaints with the Surface Pro

    What planes are you flying. Plenty of room on md80's.
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    Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?

    My Atif700 was great as long as you don't need a reliable keyboard.
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    Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?

    At my Ms store its 15 days on open returns.
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    Surface Pro returned to Best Buy

    . For a guy who took 4 4 hour flights in a week why on gods earth don't you use the power seat adapter to plug in? As a frequent flier who just got back from another coast to coast my pro lasted 7 hours plus on the plane plugged (road warrior 101).
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Anyone try Battlefield 1942? It's free now, but I'm unable to launch it on the Pro. I suspect it's a Win8 issue.
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Nice article about gaming on the Pro. Surface Pro Can Run Diablo III, Portal 2, Other AAA Games - Why Isn't Microsoft Evangelizing This? - Forbes
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Has anyone tried Diablo III? *Looks like someone has ..
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    Resume from Sleep Issue since day 1

    some delay here, but have not found it to be long enough to be irritating.
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    Agreed, for my use case 4 hours is just about what I need. I prefer the form factor (slim) of the RT over the Pro, but the RT IMO has too many compromises (performance, being the largest).
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    Surface Pro 128GB -- Early reactions . . .

    I charged mine last night from DEAD to full power overnight - works fine. no idea how long it took to get from zero to full though.
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    How much Charge did your 128 have?

    Plan to rejuice it tonight using Rt charger.
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    Waiting in Line for Pro 128....?

    Ha - not from SCAL + I had reservation/receipt for 4... only ended up getting 3 :)

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