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    Surface book and dock adapters

    Hi there, Looking for anyone who has had success with 3 in 1 mini displayport to vga/hdmi/dvi adapter that works with both the surface book and dock. Before I did any research I bought an adapter but (I assume) it was a 'passive' one and the vga port is the only one that works. After looking...
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    Surface pro feels 'electric' when charging!

    Hi people, Quick question for surface pro owners. When I charge my surface pro, I can feel it through the entire device. I have read about people being lightly shocked when it is charging, but this is different. When I run my finger along the back of the case, it feels almost like it is...
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    Problem: Surface pro only works plugged in!

    Hi, Here's my problem. I've had my surface pro for about 3 weeks and it worked fine. 2 days ago I went to use the pro and it wouldn't turn on. Obviously I plugged the charger in and started using it. It says the battery is at 84% Plugged in, charging, but the moment I pull the power cable out...

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