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    can't pair nokia lumia 928 to surface pro

    Anyone else tried this? I've tried every which way and no go. It will pair initially but it immediately disconnects. I've tried deleting both, restarting, re-paired nothing works. I also applied the new marvel bt update, still no go. My ms wedge mouse works fine and I have paired my phone to...
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    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    Eclipse Bluetooth mouse Looking for a mouse to replace my wedge. This looks pretty cool but the reviews are hit and miss. I think partly because the people who buy these don't understand Bluetooth? Would like to here from someone with a surface who has tried one of these...
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    New arrivals, 2nd pre-order round come in yet?

    Has anyone received their new surface pro 128 they ordered on the second go round of pre-orders? That would have been starting feb, 16. I orederd mine monday the 19th and my order status still shows: Quantity: 1 Pre-Order Ship it
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    Outlook 2010 and Surface Pro

    I just bought Outlook 2010 with the intent of installing it on my Surface Pro (If I ever get it, it's on pre-order :disappointed:). But now I am reading Outlook 2013 has touch integration. Will I regret using 2010? Is it upgradable with MS to 2013? I guess same deal with Microsoft Office Home...

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