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    Privacy Filter for Surface Books

    Well, since nobody else seems to be interested... :) I went ahead and hacked mine to see how well it work (and save me a few bucks in the process). Well, it's not too terrible. It's certainly not perfect, and my hacked up cut job isn't factory nice, but it's functional. If you take the 3M...
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    USB-C charging?

    I don't know about "well", but I'm sure it works. I bought the following to try to come up with some sort of portable docking station-type solution for myself, but I've been less than successful thus far: Batpower P90 Power Adapter Now, I like this power adapter since it will supposedly do up...
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    Privacy Filter for Surface Books

    I've got a gold 3M privacy filter for my old MacBook Pro and with some of the sensitive clients I work with, I'd like to have something similar for the Surface Book 2 15. I've been looking around but all I see are a few of the black/grey filters for the original Surface Book (and those have some...
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    Seamless Storage Options

    I bought one on Amazon and it does work, but it sucks in a bit deeper into the SB2 than it does on the SB1. Like I said though, works fine though. I’ve got a 256GB Samsung MicroSD in it right now. It’s configured as my file version drive.
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    Defective Battery in 1st Gen i7/16GB/512GB W/dGPU

    Howdy folks, Just thought I'd share a bit about what went on with my SB recently. I use my SB as my main rig and I'm a traveling IT consultant so I'm always on the go with it...but occasionally I get a gig where I can camp at home for a period of time. Anyway, recently and just out of the blue...
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    When's the next set of Surface firmware updates?

    I just want to know when we'll get the firmware update that will let me not have to disable crap that should work on the SB out of the box... Sigh...
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    No, bud... I didn't say it's "better" for everyone, but I think it's nice to have options and I think for some, it might be "better" for them. You bunch of luddites are the ones telling everyone asking about it that they're idiotic for even desiring such a thing. I've bought both flavors of...
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Piss and moan all you'd like... but one's always connected and the other... Well, not so much. If you've never had an LTE/4G/Cell Service enabled device other than a phone...maybe you just can't "get" it. And no...if you don't activate the damn don't have "another" bill, so it's...
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    Drawing on the Surface Book

    And guess what? I still draw on the thing with the screen attached... Now, these are typically rough sketches of some piece of technology and I'm mostly just trying to get non-native English speakers to somewhat understand "big picture"-type concepts, but it still gets the job done. You know...
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    You guys kill me... If it were up to some around here, we'd still be wringing out laundry by hand and manually pumping well water... In my opinion it's more along the lines of the fact that they can't even get the dang chipsets working properly that they already have in the thing...why in the...
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    Bluetooth mouse that saves a USB port.

    I've used my Surface Arch Mouse for almost a year and a half and it looks nothing like that. And considering the travelling I do and amount of time I've spent on the SP3 and the SB, I'd qualify it as heavy use...
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    You might have sleep issues...I have hibernation ones...

    If I do that then these problems immediately appear. If I set things to ONLY sleep then for a while things are fine...until it goes into deep sleep or hibernation. Just for grins and giggles I'll reset the power scheme to do just that...hibernate all the time and I'll see if it still does it and...
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    You might have sleep issues...I have hibernation ones...

    I'm running the latest Build 11082, but I've been having issues for a while on resume/wake even before the latest build was installed. I've tried everything, but hibernation is absolutely borked for me. I have ZERO issues with sleep, only hibernation. I've tried disabling hibernation with...
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    Solved Anyone experience VPN problems with their SB?

    Really need some more details on the VPN client involved before too much help can be provided. I've used the latest Cisco AnyConnect client without issue on the Surface Book.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    That's exactly what I did with the 128GB version...
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    Screen cracked

    Rule of thumb for design excellence... "Don't put areas of weakness at the exact spots where users would likely apply too much pressure" OR better yet, "Don't put areas of weakness at the exact spot where YOU'VE DESIGNED places for users to grasp the screen and put pressure on it"
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    Screen cracked

    I buy this one too... And I'll tell you where the defect is... It's in the placement of the hole at the top of the screen. This is a weak spot, and pressure applied here (which is inside of the dang spot that they've designed to open the thing by the way) can and will crack a screen just like...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    I don't really know about that... I personally feel that the Surface Pro 2 was, and still is, the most stable out of all of the Surface Pro devices I've owned. I think it's all luck of the draw personally...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    One of the only "big" things I've noted is that my top button on my pen just quit working all together. All writing functions work just fine, but no matter what I try, the top button does nothing... No screen caps, no Cortana, no OneNote trigger...etc. I've tried repairing it, removing the...
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    Of all the things that might be "true" issues with the SB... The hinge is far, far, FAR down on the list. It might not be perfect, but for the intended purpose...I think they did a wonderful job in designing it. It (at long as the software lets it).

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