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  1. DutchYee

    Surface Warranty

    I totally understand you. I checked the policy and i when they steale it from me on the streets i am still covered. But what i already said. It was not a cheap policy. We got alot of companies for 40 euro per 3 years. I pay 103 for a year.
  2. DutchYee

    Surface Warranty

    I think its always pretty hard to show the theft. But for sure the theft is the hardest reason to prove. But i am not really afraid of it. I am pretty damn normal with my Surface. Nevers shows it on train stations or something. Just go work / school and at home
  3. DutchYee

    Surface Warranty

    Thank you guys for the replies. I found a Dutch company called CoverYou. The review are good and the price is prettty normal. 116 euro's for one year. This include damage of falling / water and get robbed.
  4. DutchYee

    Surface Warranty

    I got the Surface Pro 3 for around 4 months. I am really happy with the device. That made me thinking about to get a extra warrenty on the Surface. Like the Microsoft Complete. But the Microsoft Complete can only be purchased after 40 days when you bought your Surface. But i bought my Surface at...
  5. DutchYee

    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Every picture is awesome i see. Can't wait to get W10 when it rolls out officialy
  6. DutchYee

    Do you see having more than one charger a waste of money?

    Can someone link me wich charger you using? Or all you guys using the original one twice?
  7. DutchYee

    Virus program for Windows 10?

    You should not take Avast. Take Microsoft Defender (Buildin) + Malwarebytes free version. It defends for every needs
  8. DutchYee

    To Surface Pro 3 (or wait)

    for me is the Surface pro 3 everything i need, include the performance. Waiting for a better device is waiting till you die. I should pick up an SP3, as many will say its totally no waste of money.
  9. DutchYee

    Do you see having more than one charger a waste of money?

    i only got 1. it travels with me wherever i go
  10. DutchYee

    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    I can tell you no to have no problems at all. I am typing weekly big documents of 20+ pages. Verry fast and totally no problems. The space bar works perfectly
  11. DutchYee

    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    Totally agree on this one! haha
  12. DutchYee

    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    Me as a system engineer i can say its a good product on the go. Work wherever you are and you want. The price is high but really worth!
  13. DutchYee

    Don't buy cheap Surface chargers

    I am always an kind of a guy like, this kind of stuff needs to be from the real reseller (Microsoft). The money is it totally worth.
  14. DutchYee

    Where does SP3 rank in your Top 3 favourite tech/gadgets?

    1# Surface Pro 3 2# Xbox One 3# My Gaming PC 4# Galaxy S4
  15. DutchYee

    HD4400 Drivers

    Thank you guys for your feedback!
  16. DutchYee

    HD4400 Drivers

    Hello Guys, Do you guys always wait for the Windows Update GPU drivers? Or installed them from the official intel site?
  17. DutchYee

    Hi All

    Welcome Gaurdian! Thats the same as i got! Awesome device, go for it!

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