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  1. unruledboy

    charge surface book 2 with powerbank via USB-C

    Hi, We know Surface Book 2 has been in the market for about 3 years, and it's time for the battery to die out. My SB2 i7 + dGPU just uses up battery in 2 hours after fully charged. There are good solutions like BatPower ProE which is universal to all Surface products using Microsoft's standard...
  2. unruledboy

    Surface Book 2 with dGPU on Windows 10 1903 constant black screen

    After upgrading to 1903, it constantly blacks out for 1-2 seconds, it's virtually unable to use the machine. I googled around, they said MS has no solution, and possible workaround in the wild said just scan dGPU new drivers, I tried, no change. Maybe I have disable the dGPU after all???
  3. unruledboy

    Crazy fan noise

    recently the surface book 2 with dGPU gives some crazy noise from the base, it is not those constant one, it is like: every second, it starts low pitch then high pitch, sounds like something stuck in the fan and every second it hits a choking spot and gives that high pitch noise.
  4. unruledboy

    Solved Mouse move lagging

    Specs: Surface Book 2, 13'', mid range, latest firmware. Env: Philips 40 inch 4K via USB-C -> DisplayPort Symptoms: frequently mouse lagging, even a simple move, the pointer will be freezed for a few seconds, and it's so frequent, it is practically not usable. Any ideas?
  5. unruledboy

    detach hardware failure - general failure

    My Surface Book 2 13' + discrete GPU Started to have this issue from last week. Symptoms: after sleep, can't wake up, no matter no many times you press power button if use the detach button at the keyboard, force eject the tablet part, attach again, then the power button will work again even...
  6. unruledboy

    sizzling sound when charging near the windows logo

    while charging, if you pay attention, get close enough to the windows logo, you will hear a noticable sizzling sound. is it normal?
  7. unruledboy

    Surface Book 2 unboxing & initial review (all here)

    Finally got my hands on the dream machine Surface Book 2. Originally was hoping for the 15' one, but it won't be available in Australia now, and I can't wait, got the 13' 512G & 16G, dGPU 2GB. I had to Uber twice, interchanged train several times to get this, because MS won't allow DHL to leave...
  8. unruledboy

    First Surface Book 2 unboxing

    Red hot, just released: and the second one and the 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th
  9. unruledboy

    VR-ready only for 15 inch?

    I have been waiting, and eyeballing the surface book 2. Originally I was going for the 13' 16G 512G option, but then, I keep seeing articles and even official website say the 15' is VR-ready, which means the 13' is not? Is it really true so I have to buy 15'? It's a lot heavier than the 13'...
  10. unruledboy

    Sydney Flagship Grand Opening

    Inside Microsoft's Sydney store
  11. unruledboy

    Surface Book Review by Anandtech

    The Microsoft Surface Book Review Generally speaking, Anandtech says it has good hardwares and some good softwares, a bit pricey but will have its own customers.
  12. unruledboy

    Poll buy or not buy now, that's a problem

    well, we all know that only 3 days in the market, problems here and there. looking back, it's a tradition of surface. I was kinda hoping Surface Book can sit on top of the shoulders of it's brothers, but now I am not so sure.
  13. unruledboy

    Surface Book 2016 improvements

    yeah, I know, its very first version is still in pre-order, but I watched the specs over and over again, more than 20 times of the videos, tons of hands-on, inside interviews etc, etc. now, here comes what I believe the next version of Surface Book could be imprved: the gap could be narrowed...
  14. unruledboy

    Poll What do you want to buy, Surface Pro or Surface Book?

    I am a big fan of Surface, I own a Surface Pro 3, I convinced quite a few people to buy Surface and they love it. Now, do you want to buy Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or not?
  15. unruledboy

    windows 10 push

    Microsoft started to push free upgrade to Windows 10 for windows sp1 & windows 8 update users, including surface pro users, right? anybody already got the windows update push? I tried but no luck.
  16. unruledboy

    1.1 billions revenue this quarter! surface pro 3 rocks!

    estimate sales of 1.275 million units with an average selling price of $863. Brisk Surface Pro 3 sales called 'Santa's surprise' for Microsoft -
  17. unruledboy

    13/14 inches Surface Pro on the way

    According to Taiwan media, Microsoft is developing 13/14 inches Surface Pro, targeting enterprise users. That's exactly what I want!
  18. unruledboy

    high-IQ professionals Scorpion with Surface Pro 3

    Just saw the new TV series #Scorpion, episode 4, my love Surface Pro 3 is there, while I am using Surface Pro 3 watching it;)
  19. unruledboy

    dynamic resolution / resize

    we all know we can use "Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display" to change the size of all items. the native resolution of sp3 is 1440p, we increase the sizing to 200%, so it's "actually" 720p , by the time we play a movie, a 720p movie will be not resizing, but if we play a 1080p...
  20. unruledboy

    can't wait to buy surface pro 4

    I already got the sp3 (i5/8g/256g), but it is mainly being used my wife to replace the old laptop. I would like to buy another one. Just out of curiosity, checked the surface pro product timeline: Surface Pro I: revealed November 2012, on sale January 2013 Surface Pro II: revealed in...

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