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  1. Phil1789

    Solved Red boot screen

    Hello everyone, on a surface Pro 3 how to boot without the red screen, I have tried different combinations in the UEFI, but my surface always boots with a red screen Thanks for your help
  2. Phil1789

    Surface Pro 3 freezing

    Hello everyone, I have a surface pro 3 working welle for time, but since a month now it is working in a strange way. The system freezes for more or less 1à sec. every minutes. It doesn't seem to come from the operating system, since I have installed a fresh coy of it. Does anyone have an idea...
  3. Phil1789

    New member

    Hello everyone on this forum, Forgive my English which sometimes will come out with big mistakes, but I am french and my mother tongue is french, so I try my best!! I own a surface pro 3 for a few years now and I am very happy with it. All the best to all the members of this forum

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