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    Privacy Filter for Surface Books

    I've got a gold 3M privacy filter for my old MacBook Pro and with some of the sensitive clients I work with, I'd like to have something similar for the Surface Book 2 15. I've been looking around but all I see are a few of the black/grey filters for the original Surface Book (and those have some...
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    Defective Battery in 1st Gen i7/16GB/512GB W/dGPU

    Howdy folks, Just thought I'd share a bit about what went on with my SB recently. I use my SB as my main rig and I'm a traveling IT consultant so I'm always on the go with it...but occasionally I get a gig where I can camp at home for a period of time. Anyway, recently and just out of the blue...
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    You might have sleep issues...I have hibernation ones...

    I'm running the latest Build 11082, but I've been having issues for a while on resume/wake even before the latest build was installed. I've tried everything, but hibernation is absolutely borked for me. I have ZERO issues with sleep, only hibernation. I've tried disabling hibernation with...
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    Apple Wins Patent for... Wait for it... A Surface Book :D

    The next Mac could look like this
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    I was loving the Surface Book, but...

    If I keep getting this in PowerPoint 2016 all the time and I end up losing a crap-ton of work...we're gonna have a big problem with each other.
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    Anybody know if this will work with the Surface Book? It's the Transcend Jet Drive Lite 360. I am not expecting my i7/16/512 until Wednesday this week, so I can't test it yet... It'd be nice...
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    New Version of Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Solves Return From Sleep Issues

    Previously, with Version 3.X of the AnyConnect client, when I woke my Surface Pro in the morning (or after any time long enough to go to deep sleep states for that matter...) the AnyConnect client would report an error and die. I'd have to restart the front end of the utility and most times it...
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    Incipio Feather Advance Mini-Review

    This will be a short little review of the Incipio Feather Advance case for the Surface Pro 3 First of all, I have the Incipio case for the Surface Pro 2 and although many have groaned and moaned about warping on the kickstand and poor fit, mine's been great and with the addition of a nice pen...
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    Annotating Videos/Screencasts on SP3

    Hey guys, I figure if anyone knows the best software available for stuff out there on the SP3, it'd be somebody here... What I'm looking for is the best software that would let me: Record screencasts/videos on the SP3, but allow me the ability to also ink/annotate on the screen occasionally...
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    My first "true" Surface Pro hardware issue

    Well... full disclosure here, I've already contacted Surface Support and I'm doing the advanced replacement bit already, so this isn't really bagging on the device...just sharing experience. A few days ago, I went to turn down the volume on my SP3 during a meeting a bit (not completely...but...
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    I may be a bit hard on the SP3 from time to time...

    But there's no doubt that the idea of pen based computing has come a long way! How long have I been longing for something like the SP3? Since before I got this thing eons ago! That things still tickin' and running Windows 7 Ultimate as best as its measly 512MB of RAM will let it. So let's...
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    Buried Subsection

    Great idea for this sub forum, but so far down on the scroll on the forum entry that traffic to it is thusly unduly influenced in the negative direction. I'd raise a very high eyebrow to any guess as to why traffic to this section is so low without taking this into account.
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    SP3 Cursor/TouchScreen Issue

    Check out this fun bug... Sometimes when I wake the SP3 from sleep, I get this crazy cursor behavior where the cursor jumps to a certain part of the screen and begins moving up and down like crazy in a little area on the screen. Usually the behavior disappears after a reboot, but when it happens...
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    SP4 Wish List

    Just in the spirit of fun... I started thinking about the things that I'd like to see in the SP4 (not that I hate the SP3 or think it's terrible... just that everything can be improved). Here's the start to my list (in no certain order): 1.) Better Battery Life/Heat Management 2.) At least one...
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    My Mobile Office

    Picture's worth a thousand words right? Makes working out of the hotel soooooo much better.
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    I see a C&D letter coming from Nintendo in MS' future... :)

    As I was troubleshooting undervolting my SP3, I noticed this message in my event log... I'm waiting for Mario and Luigi to come rescue my Surface Pro 3 now!
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    Cisco AnyConnect NAM v3.1.05170 and Microsoft Account Troubles

    Sounds crazy I know... But my company generally uses the Cisco AnyConnect NAM Supplicant to provide corporate access to our internal EAP-FAST wireless access. Well, I can certainly get this working well with both my SP1 and my SP2, but I've been unable to associate with our APs using the SP3...

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