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    Virtual Machine on Win10

    If I remember right, in the preview versions of Windows 10 there was a problem when having Virtual Machines installed on your system that would keep the Surface Pro from going into sleep (or hibernation??) Has this been fixed with the RTM it okay to install virtual machines...
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    Docking station with Win10

    Are any of you having problems with the docking station since upgrading to the RTM version of Win10? Specifically, when I pop my SP3 unit in, it will not activate the monitor. I have to slide the handles in and out several times before it "finds" the monitor. I have never had this problem...
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    Office Upload Center

    I just did a fresh install of Win 10 on my SP3. All went fairly smoothly, however, Onedrive has a lot of file conflicts that are a pain to manually sort out. I noticed that all of the conflicts are only with Office files...specifically ppt. This got me thinking about Office Upload Center...
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    Dual boot Win 10

    I want to install Win 10 on a separate partition and dual boot. I have a guide on how to do this. Once I get Win 10 working the way I like and other apps installed, then I would like to remove Win 8,1 and recover that space. How can I remove this? If I just delete that partition and add the...
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    Solved Windows 10 and VPN

    RESOLVED (see post #4) Sorry for starting a new thread but the other Win10 thread is getting so long and this is such a specific question. After reading from several of you trailblazers that there was some problems with Cisco VPN, I decided to install Win 10 on my non-SP3 laptop. It is great...
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    Genymotion and bluetooth

    I am not very familiar with how Genymotion will work with the SP3 hardware. I have WP8 and do not have any Android devices. I am a runner and have the Garmin Vivofit and 610 running watch. Both of these devices have nice Android (and iOS) software to sync the devices through bluetooth, but no...
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    Strange ink spiking

    In a meeting today I was using Drawboard PDF to take notes on a presentation. About half way through I started getting strange spiking on my handwritten words. It usually happened with an "h" or "l" or any letter that you have a taller upstroke (while writing in cursive). The spike would be a...
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    Use Bitlocker or not?

    Just curious how many people choose to use bitlocker or not. The SP3 could easily be stolen but with it such a closed up system, I would assume most thieves would be more interested in reformating the harddrive versus trying to tear up the SP3 and extract the harddrive to read the data. Thus...
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    Pen Accuracy

    Does it seem to you that the pen calibration and accuracy is dependent on the application? I have the latest drivers, I have run and rerun the 100pt calibration and been meticulously careful to hold the pen the same way I write, etc. I have noticed that OneNote tends to be spot on (excuse...
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    Sideload Kindle books?

    Does anyone know how to sideload Kindle metro app books? It is easy to just copy into the folder on a normal Kindle and also in Desktop application but not sure if it is even possible now. I don't want to have to use the desktop version just to get around this problem. Anyone have a solution?

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