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    SP4 Dock Dual monitor issue.

    Hey guys, i just got a second monitor today, tried to hook it up to my SP4 dock but it doesn't wanna connect both monitors. Under display settings its showing monitor 1,2,3 but my old monitor doesnt wanna connect. So i have a dell U2713H (old ) DVI to MDP because for some reason DP to MDP stop...
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    Sp3 power cord compatible with sp1?

    Hey guys I got a sp1, the power cord that goes from the wall to the charger box started smoking and melting. Microsoft is sending a replacement but I can't wait. I can't find the sp1 charger locally , can I buy the sp3 charger and and use the power cord with my charger ? Thanks
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    surface pro external monitor resolution

    hey guys, i got a surface pro 1st gen and a dell u2713h . im trying to hook it up via mini display port ( cable included with the monitor ) but the max resolution i can get is 1920. thought the hd 4000 max resolution is 2560. thanks.

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