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  1. ScottyS

    Drawing on photos taken with surface pro

    For your purposes MS Word may be what you're looking for. What? Word??? Yes. Click on the image file and it should open in Photos app, right click on the image and pick Copy. Open Word and right click/paste. You can re-size or re-position the image. Right click on the image and under Wrap Text...
  2. ScottyS

    SP3 Type Cover does not work (Windows 10)

    I had this issue years ago with my SP3. I took it to a Microsoft store and they were able to see my type cover worked on other SP3s and other type covers didn't work on my SP3. So they gave me another SP3. But that was when the SP3 was the newest model and there were MS stores. I don't know what...
  3. ScottyS

    So... Windows 11!

    Now that I got used to the large live tiles and spent time arranging them into groups that are useful to me, MS went and did away with that. Thanks Microsoft.
  4. ScottyS

    Transfer from Pro 7 to Pro X

    OneDrive. Have your Desktop, Documents, Music, Picture folders etc. sync'd. When you sign in to your Microsoft account on your new SPX all your files should sync up.
  5. ScottyS

    My SP6 dies at around 30 % battery - why?

    From my battery report: Battery life estimates Battery life estimates based on observed drains AT FULL CHARGE AT DESIGN CAPACITY PERIOD ACTIVE CONNECTED STANDBY ACTIVE CONNECTED STANDBY Current estimate of battery life based on all observed drains since OS...
  6. ScottyS

    My SP6 dies at around 30 % battery - why?

    I'm trying this now because my SP7 is plugged in most of the time (though I power off the plug strip the charger is plugged in to when I'm not home) especially since I got an iPad Pro in the beginning of the year. I was getting only about 3 1/2 - 4 hours on battery (best performance, 80% screen...
  7. ScottyS

    “Old newbie “

    Windows Journal Application for Windows for x64-based Systems is available to download at Download Windows Journal Application for Windows for x64-based Systems from Official Microsoft Download Center
  8. ScottyS

    What printer will work withe my Book 2?

    MS Surfaces work with HP printers. My SP3 and SP7 have both worked well with an HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw and HP LaserJet Pro 200 color MFP M276 connecting to both via WiFi to scan and print. The only issue I've had is with the M277dw and the SP7, it'll wake the printer from sleep when I...
  9. ScottyS

    Pen or screen issue

    Try pulling the nib out and then re-inserting it.
  10. ScottyS

    Two latest firmware updates?

    I installed it and it went well, though as @wpcoe said it took over and hour. Didnt notice and differences but at least now if i go to Fiji the time zone will be right. Actually i do use Remote Desktop a lot so "Removes the HTTP call to that the Remote Desktop Client...
  11. ScottyS

    Battery charge limiter experiment

    I wish I had this when I had my SP3. I used to leave it plugged in all day and night and the battery swelled (although this was after 5 years of great service) and I had to get rid of it and get a SP7. Now I unplug it, but still it gets up to 100%. I would be interested if you could post your...
  12. ScottyS

    Two latest firmware updates?

    I have this listed in View Optional Updates/Other Updates. Looks like I'd have to check the box to get it. Microsoft describes it here. Don't know why it's called "Preview".
  13. ScottyS

    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    From Microsoft ( Surface Go and Surface Go LTE Advanced Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name Version and Update Surface – Firmware – Surface ME – Firmware addresses security...
  14. ScottyS

    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    I'm going by Settings/Update/Update History under Drivers, the only firmware update I've gotten is Surface - Firmware - And my SP7 is running cooler with less fan than before. MS site says "Improves device reliability during low battery scenarios." but mine's running cooler with...
  15. ScottyS

    Does anybody else have a hot Surface on the latest firmware?

    My SP7 just got Surface - Firmware - this morning. Is that the firmware update you got? My fan has usually been running but not high all the time and the unit wasn't getting too hot. Will have to keep track of this after this firmware update.
  16. ScottyS

    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    Downloading didn't take too much time (although I get 200-300Mbps) because I think (and perhaps some of the moderators or others who know can verify this) components of it were downloaded as part of prior updates but "turned off". This was the first upgrade that didn't re-write the registry. I...
  17. ScottyS

    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    Just got version 2004. Upgrade went without a hitch, I guess my computer was "ready for it" (or vice versa).
  18. ScottyS

    Not compatible with Windows 10 May 2020 update yet?

    Yeah, it's progress they went from blaming it on us ("your device isn’t quite ready" for my brand new SP7) to admitting the truth ("Once it's ready"). When you click on Lear More you can see all the bugs and issues they've encountered with different hardware and software so they're working on...
  19. ScottyS

    Screen Separating

    This happened to my SP3 which served me well for 5 years, the longest I ever kept and used a computer. It is from the battery swelling and can catch on fire. I disposed of it through a Microsoft store and purchased a SP7 which is a big upgrade from the 3. This is known to happen to iPhones from...
  20. ScottyS

    access windows 10 OneNote from another computer user account

    Do you want different users to share the same Microsoft account, or do you just want other users to be able to open and share the same OneNote notebook?

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