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    Surface Pro 1 64GB Build 10074 OK.

    Did a refresh install from Windows 8.1 fully updated. Timed install from start of download to fully working at 56 minutes. Picked up on every driver except the Intel R HD Graphics. Downloaded HP driver auto update tool all ok. Then did System HD clean-up Have 32GB out of 55GB. Moved my folders...
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    Power Supply Extension lead for Rt & Pro.

    As anyone seen a extension lead not power supply to extend the cable on the original MS power supplies. Last week my RT shutdown when the socket was to far away in the summerhouse.
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    Fixit Teardown of Pro3.

    Just look at Fixit tear down of Pro 3. (They already had one but now RIP) It was given 1 out of 10 same as Pro 1 & 2. I would give it 0 as they cracked the screen and bent the battery so in a nut shell destroyed it. Does make the RT a good bet at least you can replace battery via the rear its...
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    $ to £ cheaper Surfaces?

    With the £ being as high now as 2008 £1.70 to $1. We should have cheaper Surface 3 etc. Will that happen? Time to look at EBay.
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    Surface Pro into deep sleep?

    This as happened 5 times now. Have a Surface Pro Ver 1 connected to a 7 way USB 3 externally powered distribution hub. If I put the Surface Pro into Sleep, Shutdown or Hibernate overnight with the 7 way usb hub externally powered it only starts with Volume up and Power On over 10 seconds? Also...
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    Power adaptor ends?

    I have the UK Microsoft Surface RT 24v power adaptor UK 3 pin that came with Surface. (I am in UK) So when travelling can you get the euro and US ends to fit the same adaptor?
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    Graphic backgrounds? Add your own?

    In Settings, Personalise, Backgrounds there are 20 Graphic backgrounds including the Wallpaper which is the last one. As anyone found which folder they are stored in? and changed added their own? My preference is the Robot one or No2 in first row.
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    OQO Pen works with Surface Pro.

    Have a OQO 01+ tablet PC (Still fully working and a work of art build wise just like the Surface Pro) Anyway reading about replacement pens got my pen out and it works also side button press functions as well. Some of you might have old OQO so at least pen is useful and small. Works on...
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    Tablets I/O-Wise Are a Bit of a Con?

    Looking at what you get for your $£ today we are being Rip off. Looking back at my Acer Laptop 2004 ten years ago. Runs windows 8.1 now and still running. It had Pentium 4 3.4g 2gb memory. 17inch screen. DVD writer. 3 speakers inc sub bass. But its the I\O ports that are to die for:-...
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    As anyone done a System restore using a USB hard drive

    To stop having to go back to Windows 8 every time you do a refresh is there a way of dumping the SS Hard drive to a large USB stick?
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    New member from UK.

    Been a Surface RT 64 Version 1 user from last September. Bought mint second hand one by trading in my HTC Tablet and old smartphone at a CEX exchange shop. This made the cost more easy to justify. Now bought a new Surface Pro 64 from the Windows Store 4 weeks ago on the Easter deal. Its...

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