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  1. magicrobots

    NAS -> Modern App Control -> DLNA -> XBox One

    Hey folks! Looking for help finding an elegant, easy to set up and easy to use hardware + software solution. Start with media on a NAS; all Blu-Ray rips: - DD 5.1 or DTS audio. - I started with .mov then moved to .mkv so streaming those two formats is a must. - Currently this stuff...
  2. magicrobots

    Mad Catz M.O.U.S. 9 Bluetooth Mouse

    In another thread I mentioned that if there was a RAT 9 mouse with Bluetooth I would get it in a second; and I just found out that they do have a variant of the RAT series with Bluetooth: Mad Catz M.O.U.S.™ 9 Wireless Mouse It's not as awesome as the RAT 9, but it looks close. One...
  3. magicrobots

    Hot Surface on Surface Action

    I have a Surface Pro, and a Surface RT. The RT is at work so I can't test this theory, but I was thinking I could leave the Pro on my desk at work, and carry the RT around with me and use Remote Desktop to the Pro ... which would result in the effect of a Pro with the battery life and weight of...
  4. magicrobots

    Surface Pro Application Scaling

    Hey guys, I know there is a thread about this somewhere but I was unable to find it. I know the Surface Pro comes with scaling set to 150%, and I'd just like to set it back to 100%. I've typed scaling, scale, and zoom into search looking for the correct setting, but have been unable to find...
  5. magicrobots

    Exchanged Surface Pro for Asus Taichi

    So I love the Surface Pro. It is awesome. But I lust the Taichi, and when I finally got my hands on one, I was fortunate to be able to exchange the Surface Pro for it at the Microsoft Store. I have to say, if you can get to a Microsoft Store, they are awesome - the customer service there is...
  6. magicrobots

    Blue Stacks? WHACK

    So I just installed Blue Stacks, and am attempting to interact with it ... it looks awful and the touch calibration is completely broken. I am certain that I downloaded the one that was supposed to be optimized for Surface Pro so now I'm wondering if I missed something in setup. Anybody use...
  7. magicrobots

    This thing rules

    I've had my Surface RT since launch, and I just picked up the Pro this morning. My RT is going on EBay (unless anybody here would like it? It's in great shape!). After playing with the device and installing ACTUAL APPLICATIONS I feel like this is what Microsoft's vision of Windows 8 is all...
  8. magicrobots

    VNC App?

    I would like to be able to control a mac with my surface; wondering if there are any VNC apps that you guys have used, or if you can set up the Remote Desktop app to work with a mac? I tried Team Viewer but it is AWFUL.
  9. magicrobots

    XBox Controller Compatible Game List

    I thought it might be a good idea to start a list of games known to work with the XBox Controller, so you can know the benefit before spending money on a game that may or may not work with it. I'll be editing and updating this list as more compatible games come out and I learn about them...

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