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    SP3, running Win 10 fresh install, high system process

    I've updated my SP3 to windows 10 via fresh install of .iso a few days after it became available, and I use the surface daily (6-10 hours). Took a phone call with Microsoft to upgrade my windows 'key' to 10 but it was worth it. Problem I'm having, is all day yesterday and today, with no user...
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    Sp3 latest update brought problems

    Since this last set of updates, my sp3 has started to bring problems. Before WiFi from sleep was way more miss than hit, which was awesome, maybe 18/20 woke from sleep just fine. Sleep at night and morning woke from deep sleep. Since yesterday, WiFi from sleep has turned horrible. 18/20 it now...
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    Surface pro with actual cellular?

    Been thinking about what i'd want from the next surface pro, now that Microsoft somehow took my SP1 and fixed what little complaints I had, and added so many more things I never even would've thought of. But I would really want my next surface to #1. Include broadwell so 10-12 hours #2 Include...
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    Surface Hub Now Available

    Surface Hub App, is now available in the App Store. You must have downloaded/installed the latest firmware update, I believe Monday/Tuesday this was pushed. It now allows you to change the sensitivity range/setting. And choose button to launch metro/desktop one note. Now I know in settings...
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    How to Install Windows 10 preview on your Surface Pro 3

    These instructions are for installing windows 10 preview, on a separate newly made partition. This will allow you to keep your existing windows 8.1, all files, programs, and everything else. They are left untouched. And the Windows 10 preview will essentially be on its own. This also allows for...
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    Solved Windows 10 on VM or Dualboot?

    As the title states. I'm interested in downloading and running Windows 10 preview. But not sure which is the better route to go. Dual boot it, or run it in a Virtual Machine. I have a MacBook pro, which I have windows 8.1 on both dual boot through boot camp and parallels, and I prefer parallels...
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    SP1 keyboard vs SP3 keyboard on SP3 pictures

    I've seen a few people asking how the previous keyboards work/look on the new surface pro 3. I think most are interested in using the power cover with the new surface pro 3. Wondering if it at least covers the screen, not including the black border. I have the first gen type cover, put it on my...
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    Urban Armor Gear Black Case Review with Pics

    This is just my quick review. Received the unit about 30 min ago. Put case on, and these are just first impression and first phone camera shots. It is late here and somewhat dark. I will Retake pictures better at a later date so just bear with me here. There is also this same review done by a...
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    Battery life problems

    I've had the surface for about a week now. I5, 8gb, 256gb. And have been writing down every 30-60min what time and what % of battery life to keep track. I have balanced power profile, brightness 35%, wifi on, Bluetooth on, and any program specific settings if allowed to max battery. What I...

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