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  1. ScottyS

    SP 7, My Review

    I’ve had my SP7 for 5 months now, and this past week have been using it to telecommute via remote desktop and Zoom. I thought I’d give my review for those thinking of upgrading. Many reviews compare it to the SP6 and complain it’s not much of an upgrade, which is true, but many people would be...
  2. ScottyS

    BSOD from exfat.sys

    I just started getting BSOD every time while using Edge for MSN photo stories in full screen. The only very recent change I made was to change my Windows background folder for slide show to a folder with jpg files on the mSD card formatted in exFAT. Is this the cause? Should I format the mSD...
  3. ScottyS

    New default for moving files in Win10?

    I just noticed this. The default actions since Win3.1 when dragging-and-dropping a file or folder has been to move if it was from one place to another on the same drive, but to copy if it was to a different drive. Now in Win10 I just noticed the default is always to move, not copy, even to a...
  4. ScottyS

    Question about power brick and 240V

    This may be a dumb question that I already know the answer, but I want to make sure. I'm going to Europe (Italy and maybe France and Spain). The SP3 power brick says 100-240V and I have plug adapters. Will that be fine to plug in and charge my SP3? Is it Ok for iPhone and iPad chargers too? Or...
  5. ScottyS

    Solved How do I get rid of a boot menu?

    Not exactly a Win10 problem, but I had been using Win10TP on a separate partition. During the next to the last build I stopped getting the boot menu. I had gone back to Win8 as my default OS so my SP3 just booted to Win8 and I was just waiting for the final release. Well I upgraded my Win8 OS to...
  6. ScottyS

    Upgrade fails

    My upgrade has failed many times, I get error code 80070003. MS leads me to run WindowsUpdateDiagnostic which has found and fixed problems, but it still fails. I tried to Refresh, but Windows tells me necessary files are not present. I'd prefer not to do a full Reinstall. Any ideas?
  7. ScottyS

    Solved Favorites disappear when you try to move them

    Has anyone else had this problem? In past versions of Spartan if I re-ordered Favorites, they'd be back in the same alphabetical order the next time I clicked on the folder+star icon. In this new version, Edge, when I drag a favorite to re-order them it disappears. I lost a whole folder of very...
  8. ScottyS

    Start menu bug

    In Gabe Aul’s blogpost (here) he says: Here are some known issues for this build We know this one will be a bit painful but there is a bug with this build in which Win32 (desktop) apps won’t launch from the Start menu. The workaround is to use search to find and launch these apps and pin them...
  9. ScottyS

    Video editing software recommendations

    Can anyone recommend video editing software that works well on SP3 (core i7, 8GB)? I used to use Adobe Premiere Pro on a Dell Studio i7, but (alas) that does not edit HD video. I don't want to go to Premiere CC because I wont use it enough to make paying a yearly subscription fee worthwhile. I'm...
  10. ScottyS

    High Definition Audio Controler doesn't work

    I hope someone can help me. I stopped getting audio output through the mDP cable (to my monitor's speakers) several months ago. I thought it could be the cable. But I have the yellow triangle with ! over the HD audio controller in Device manager. I've disabled it and I've uninstalled it and...
  11. ScottyS

    Can I delete C:\Windows.old ?

    I read some place (probably here) that in time Win10 will remove the Windows.old folder. But now with the boot menu having a "roll back" choice I don't know if it will. My Win10 installation was a clean install from the 1st ISO on a clean partition, and then upgraded to 9879 and now 9926. It...
  12. ScottyS

    Solved Win10 running hot when plugged in

    I know this has been a big topic for Win8.1, but I recently noticed my fan was running continuously in Win10 even when idle. I downloaded Core Temp and found it runs around 160-170ºF constantly, even when idle for hours. But only when it's plugged into power. On batteries it ran around 110ºF. My...
  13. ScottyS

    Any way to automatically unlock Bitlocker?

    Any way (like a script that can run at startup) to unlock Bitlocker on my Win8 drive when I start up Win10? Right now I'm unlocking it manually every time I boot to Win10. Since I only partitioned 50GB for the Win10 drive I need access to files and apps on the Win8 partition. Or is the only...
  14. ScottyS

    How do I install Windows 10 to dual boot?

    For those of us who are not IT guys, how do I install Win10 to dual boot with Win8.1 on a SP3? What's the best (free) software to extract the IOS file to a DVD or USB? Does the setup (when I run extracted ISO files from DVD or USB) offer dual boot as an option? Do I have to partition my C drive...
  15. ScottyS

    Anyone have problems with the mini Displayport jack?

    I think my mini Displayport jack is broken. At first I thought it was the cable, but I switched to a new cable and still have the problem. I got thin dotted lines flashing across the screen like static on an old time TV and the picture goes black for a few seconds every few seconds. I can make...

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