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    Can Pro 3 Type Cover be used with Pro 2?

    Subject line basically tells it all. I own a Pro 2 and have no plans to upgrade (until a possible Pro 4 comes around). I've read that the Pro 3 Type Cover is an improvement over the Pro 2 Type Cover, so I wondered if it would fit with the Pro 2. I'm aware of the difference in size. Currently I...
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    USB 3.0 adapter now available

    See USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter
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    SP2 will not turn off digital signature

    I have run the normal procedure to make my SP2 turn off requiring digitally signed drivers. However, when I come to the last window (where I am prompted to press 7 or F7), it will not respond. It turns itself off after a while, but if I try to install an unsigned driver, the usual error message...
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    Not "allowed" to disable unsigned signature enforcement

    I've done this on my desktop PC with Win8 without problems. On the Surface Pro 2, I got as far as the "Advanced Boot Options" screen, from which there are a number of options one can choose with F keys or number keys. However, the screen is totally unresponsive to touch or keyboard. Any...
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    IE won't work properly with Gmail?

    Hi all, got my RT-64GB yesterday. After playing around with it and getting used to it, there is really only one potential show-stopper for me. I use Gmail and G+ a lot, including the "Hangout" function (aka Chat). It seems to me that neither version of the RT's Internet Explorer can handle the...

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