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    SP4 - i5/256/8GB - Lots of bluescreens - two from same lot

    Hi Folks, I have gotten two SP4s from lot 1542. Both have had nothing but problems with bluescreens and display driver freezes. I see the display driver issue is quite common but i'm not seeing the other issues that i'm having. So i'm thinking of yet another return / exchange before my 30...
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    Battery Wear - is 3% out of box normal?

    i'm on my second SP3.. First one had 0.4% wear out of the box which seemed good. This replacement has 3% already. Anybody else experience such a high wear figure out of the box?
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    Two serious issues: Screen Flickering and Keyboard backlight stopped

    On day 10 of the Surface Pro 3.. Two things I noticed today as I have been working in a darker room with lights out: 1) Screen is flickering slightly.. I have a dark background - definitely noticeable?? Never noticed before.. 2) Backlight on keyboard isn't coming on anymore? Not sure where I...
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    Battery life in Pen - anybody have to replace yet?

    My pen started acting a bit strange today - normally I can just pick it up and start writing but today I needed to press the buttons on it and wait a bit. Got me thinking my battery might already be low.. Anybody know how long the AAAA will last? I had one of these AAAA batteries in the dell...
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    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    I'm only getting 5.5-6 hours with medium productivity work. It was only 5 hours prior to July 8th firmware - hoping it will get better but if this is the norm I may return mine this week.

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