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  1. spectre51

    CPU temp monitor

    Anyone have any suggestions for a good CPU temp monitor program. One that will start when windows boots and sit in the systray? I downloaded coretemp and realtemp but wonder if you guys had any better options. Sent from the app for Windows 8
  2. spectre51

    Right mouse button on Type cover finicky?

    Anyone else have and issue with the right mouse button on the type cover being finicky? Seems like most of the time it will just register it as a left mouse click. I have to sometimes make sure I a clicking the very bottom right corner of it to make sure it does it and even then sometimes it...
  3. spectre51

    Outlook 2013 connect to remote exchange server

    I just got my Surface Pro this past week and installed Office 2013. I want to be able to use Outlook 2013 for my work exchange email but for the life of me can't figure out how to get it working. I setup my exchange account just fine on my android phone and my Lumina 920 but Outlook 2013 is...
  4. spectre51

    Been Lurking for a Few Days, Time to Say Hi

    Got my Surface pro 64gb this past week. Traded a guy a BNIB Galaxy S4 32gb for the Surface Pro. Really liking this thing. I wanted to get a new windows machine but didn't really want a full laptop or desktop. The surface is perfect. Going to be using it a lot for writing reports at work. I...

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