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  1. daniielrp

    Surface Pro 3 with Keyboard cover and Arc Mouse

    Hi Guys, Selling my Surface Pro 3 i3 version, with black Type Cover, Surface Pen and The Arc Touch Surface edition mouse. All comes in original packaging and is well looked after. £450 for the set, or offers. Thanks for looking!
  2. daniielrp

    Weird MUI IE dead pixel is back...

    So it seems on my SP3 the mystery dead pixel just to the left of MUI IE is back. You can see it there when on the tab bar... But then as soon as you open the keyboard, it's gone. So it's not actually a dead pixel, because it works, but just doesn't work when looking at just the tab bar!
  3. daniielrp

    Old devices still linked to my account...

    Hi guys, When you go in to the Store, then click on "Account", then "My account" it shows the names of devices linked to your account. What's worrying is that even after I've reset it and sold it, the device is still there, but now appears with the name the new person has given it! This...
  4. daniielrp

    2nd monitor via USB adapter

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you have had any experience with USB to VGA/DVI and if there is a preferable brand. I already have one monitor hooked up to the miniDP, so my choices are get the dock (which is a bit expensive) or use a USB to something adapter. What are your thoughts?
  5. daniielrp

    UK - SP2 128GB with 2 chargers, Type 2 Cover, FreedomCase and bag

    Selling my SP2, comes with type cover 2, pen, 2x chargers (full ones with the USB port), FreedomCase and a perfectly fitting Tucano carry bag. All in original packaging (except 2nd charger). £499 (will upload some pics tomorrow when there is light) If interested PM, will be on here for a...
  6. daniielrp

    How to have 3 (or 4) snapped apps?

    Hi Guys, Been wondering about this since they showed it off at the SP3 announcement, but never been able to do it...until I just did by accident. Had IE snapped with Mail, then opened an attachment in Mail and wowz - it snapped mail to the middle of the screen and the attachment to the...
  7. daniielrp

    Freedomcase is Here

    Received it this morning a couple hours ago :D Here are lot's of pictures :P Any questions, just ask!
  8. daniielrp

    Post your internet speed!

    As the title says, just a place to compare speeds across the globe! My home broadband with Virgin Media
  9. daniielrp

    Steam in Home Streaming

    Hi all, Noticed yesterday that Steam now includes the in-home streaming feature that has been a beta for a while, so decided to give it a try. For those who've not seen it, it allows you to stream a game from one PC to another, that way a more powerful PC is actually running the game and then...
  10. daniielrp

    New Store layout

    Just noticed the store has a new layout with a nav bar always showing at the top, looks much better in my opinion. Guess this was part of this weeks updates?
  11. daniielrp

    miniDP to VGA

    Has anyone else used a MiniDP to VGA adapter? I bought a cheap one and it works, but the image on the external monitor is not very clear - shaking a lot like the refresh rate is too slow or has scanning lines across it. Tried a few different refresh rates and it can be usable, but still not...
  12. daniielrp

    My Surface Pro 2 Review

    I wrote this about a month ago for work when I first got mine, so thought I'd share it and see what you guys think :) Surface Pro 2 Review
  13. daniielrp

    Hey :)

    Hi everyone! I'm Dan, and I love Surface! Originally had the Surface RT, but now upgraded to Surface Pro 2 and love it even more! It's so quick! Look forward to posting and helping!

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