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    Anyone else get a crap load of updates?

    Got a large amount of firmware updates today. Most were marked for improved system stability. Personally I haven't seen a difference post installation, though I didn't have any issues prior to the install either.
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    Personally am intrigued by the device, but probably will not be getting one. Why? I just don't have any use for it right now. Which might change in the future.
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    Got my SB2 15 inch

    It is huge compared to the 13 inch, and absolutely massive compared to the SP4. Performance wise I haven't noticed much difference between the 13 and 15 inch models yet, then again haven't stressed it out either. Still getting it set up. So far no regrets. :)
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    This might be a silly question

    Is there any way of forcing the SB2 to use the 1050/1060 card as the default GPU?
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    I sold my SB2

    I have had my SB2 i7 16GB since late December, and have sold it. Well it wasn't because I was having any issues with it, it worked pretty much as advertised. Well then why did I sell it? 1. I wasn't using it much at all. I tend to use my SP4 a lot more, especially during travel. Of which I...
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    A good App to manage Cloud Storage..

    Seems like Rainbow Drive has joined the list of vanished apps. Any laternatives to manage multiple OneDrive, Google Drive and Box accounts a.k.a. Rainbow Drive? Much appreciated. Also any apps that can integrate with Kindle Books? The Amazon app for Windows sucks..
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    How do I get Office 2016 Professional Plus to.....

    Work without me needing to sign in? I do not want OneDrive Integration et al.. Even a hack would be appreciated. (Yes it is a licensed copy :))
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    SB2 not updating to 1709 and other problems

    My SB2 is refusing to update to 1709.. tried the Windows Update route and Manual. Additionally the battery seems to refuse charging beyond 95% overall. 100% on base and 80% on tablet. I am stumped.. this is literally a couple of hours out of the box. Very weird.. any ideas?
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    Must-have SB2 acessories?

    I think the micro SD card adapter might be one. Anyone know the ETA of a display port adapter from MS? Or does anyone have an alternative? What else does one need? I picked up my SB2 i7/16/512 13 in (only size in the yUK) from John Lewis. For £80 got a 3 year Warranty including accidental...
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    Why is everyone crying about Thunderbolt 3?

    I don't get it. Realistically there is almost nothing available that can make use of TB3. I don't see the point of these ports right now. Reminds me of the firewire ports of days gone by. I have TB3 on my XPS 15 but don't use it in general since I have no peripherals that can use it. I did...
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    Anyone recieved their SB2

    So what do you think about it? Impressions, benchmarks, reviews?
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    Why no detailed reviews on SB2?

    Shouldn't they be out about now, so that folks can decide if they want to buy one?
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    Fall Update to 1709

    Anyone installed it? Mine is downloading as we speak..
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    So what is the 'NEW' Surface device that will be announced

    In London on the 30th? The Surface Pro LTE, and Surface Book 2 in 2 flavours have both been announced? So what is this secretive new device that Microsoft is going to announce? The only thing I can think of is the mystical Surface Phone a.k.a miniature Surface Pro that allows voice calls...
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    CPU throttling on the i5 and i7 versions

    Appears that the CPU on the i5 and i7 models is throttled by about 20% or more under load. I assume this is true and would occur under stress. My question though is, how evident is this under normal daily usage, not playing games. Things like running a VM, or doing some DB work etc. I don't...
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    Will there be a Surface Book 2

    Seems like all of the Surface books without a performance base are sold out in the MS site or at most retailers like John Lewis. And even then all you can get are the i7 models. So this begs the question.. will there be a SB2 coming out in the very near future? Or is the line dead as the...
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    Questions about new pen

    How much of a difference is there with the new pen compared to the old one? Are the tips interchangeable with the tip kit from the SP4 pen? Pretty much that is it.. Still contemplating/justifying buying the new SP and selling my SP4.
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    What's a fair price?

    For an i7/16 GB/256 GB/ Warranty until March 18. A few extra pieces of software nothing spectacular per se. Based in the yUK.
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    Porsche Design Book One

    Anyone have a Book One. Saw it at the Porsche Design shop in the airport the other day. Essentially an i7 Kaby Lake, 16 GB/512 GB surface book type of deal, with a few exceptions. The screen is detachable and the hinge goes a full 360 degrees. More pots than the Surfacebook including...
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    Sept 13 Update

    My Surface keeps hanging at 45% and refuses to budge. Have gone through the routine of cleaning the cache after stopping Windows Update etc.. a couple of times without avail. 45% it is.. anyone else having a problem, or ideas of how to overcome this?

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