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  1. OB1

    New Surface Pro 3 Owner and Power Cord

    This is what the first power cord looked like, the replacement they sent me did the same thing and looks similar. I just received my third power pack, hope this one last. It takes about three weeks then you notice the fraying.
  2. OB1

    Surface pro 3 power pack

    You are absolutely right, I have contacted them and should receive it within 6 to 8 days. Kinda wish I had purchased the extra warranty on My SP 3. Thanks again!
  3. OB1

    Can't unlock tablet from sleep without keyboard.

    I have the SP 3, and it does this from time to time when I take the keyboard cover off just before bringing it out of sleep mode I cant log in, the onboard screen will not come on, I have reattach the keyboard cover to get a unlock screen. Please someone Help. This is frustrating.
  4. OB1

    Surface pro 3 power pack

    Thanks a lot, this was very helpful, now I don't feel bad about contacting the service center. Thanks again.
  5. OB1

    Surface pro 3 power pack

    Hello, just signed up purchased my midline SP 3 in June really enjoying it, cept for the few problems they are having and the weak app store. I am also having an issue with the power pack, had to send the first on back because the tip was coming loose from the wire. Now the the one they replaced...

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