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  1. z3razerviper

    Windows 10 Battery Life Problem System won't sleep

    I just upgraded from windows 8.1 (fully patched) using the wipe existing data and apps option during the install and everything seems fine but my system will not sleep. So my battery is dead within a few hours. After doing a powerfg /requests I see my audio card has a steam open that will not...
  2. z3razerviper

    Power Management Problems & ASPM

    Ok my surface has horrible battery life even a complete reinstall of 8.1 with update 1 from msdn did not improve it much so after running powercfg /energy i receive the following 2 errors Note this is the origional surface pro with all the latest patches & drivers from windows update. Does...
  3. z3razerviper

    Surface Pro (Win 8.1) cant find Push2Tv 3000.

    Hello this is my first post here and I have already searched for but found no post that has solved my problem. I did a factory reset of my SP then installed win 8.1 from the market. I then installed the updated wifi drivers and updated the firmware on my push2tv to the latest firmware which i...

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