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    Docking station problem

    I have the Toshiba dynadock version, purchased from the MS store as they did not have the MS docking station. Was working fine for a week but now my external monitors , although they show are connected, the screens are blank. I have 2 of these docking stations (1 for home, 1 for office) and...
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    Stylus on external monitor

    Has anyone managed to get their MS stylus to work with Onenote, on the secondary display. It works fine on my tablet but does not work when I try to use it on the Acer T232HL monitor. Strange but if I use a third party stylus, the cheap ones with the fat rubber nose, they work fine on the...
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    Chrome touch not working

    Hopefully an easy fix. I can scroll OK but cannot pinch and zoom. This is in desktop version. Any help appreciated.
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    Another multiple monitor question

    Hi All, New to the forum and the Surface but am very impressed by it and the possibility of finally having a true mobile desktop replacement, as I travel a lot. I have read the forums and am somewhat confused by the answers/suggestion on this matter. I have 2 new Samsung 27 inch monitors...

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